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Hi Brendan. I can’t read it. Dark and blurry.


Here’s a zoomed in version for you. In summary, the Latitude Financial 28 Degree card was found to have a small credit balanace of $13.25. The bank then goes on to explain that there is an ‘administrive clean-up’ that removes the money from the account, leaving a balance of $0.

You then need to contact the bank if you wish to discuss the ‘adjustment’.


Here’s a short video we made about keeping products honest. Enjoy!


Should we be thankful that for once a financial institution is stealing money from customers and being open and honest about it? :rofl:

I’ve previously been a fan of the 28 Degrees Mastercard - its a good deal esp for overseas transactions that involve currency conversion (way better than PayPal’s own currency conversion in the numerous examples I’ve tested).

A shade over three (3) years ago, GE Money sold their A & NZ consumer finance business to Värde Partners, Deutsche Bank and KKR - since then things have tightened somewhat - fees increased, etc.

One of the things I’ve noticed is they seem to discourage credit balances. Previously I’d look at my balance and for example it might be $200 actually owing with $95 pending (maybe something bought yesterday) so I’d just BPay $300. Now BPAY has a charge, so I direct debit as a manual ‘per payment’ but I could previously, even after ditching BPAY, pay $300 even and just be $5 in credit. Not any more. Unreliably, I can’t even pay the pending amount, $95 in my example, most times, but not all - occasionally it will let me, more often it won’t. I’ve called Latitude about it twice - they are unable to give a logical answer, blaming it on a ‘problem with the system’ which I interpret to mean ‘we don’t know, or we won’t say, please go away’ - ‘try again tomorrow’ was rolled out both times. Maybe their computers work better after a good sleep.

The card is still a good deal in my view, but I’m wondering what they have in store for customers. The ‘Administrative System Clean-up’ is a classic!


Thanks for the report, I know CHOICE has also highlighted the 28 Degree card for travellers. However, this behaviour is nothing less than Shonky in my opinion.


OT (not shonky!) - As I posted in other threads, check out an ING Orange account, works a charm for international transactions with the debit card (albeit with daily limits) or with an associated ING credit card. The hoop to avoid international charges ‘next month’ is pretty low IMO, plus delivers bonus interest on a linked ING Maximiser saving account. I am just coming up on a year with them and after initial teething pains getting adjusted to how their systems work, they have been good. All online and you can withdraw $ from any ATM for free or get rebated. You only continue your pain by choice unless banking with ING is a step too much.


That deserves a win by acclimation. It was inconceivable any institution could outdo the banks, AMP, IOOF, and their peers shonkiness, but Latitude’s in your face arrogant theft wins hands down by my vote.


Alison contacted us on Facebook to report this shower gel short-change:

Bought this shower gel from Chemist Warehouse… emptied the remnants of the last bottle into the new. Noticed that there is probably 25% missing from the new bottle to begin with :roll_eyes: Chemist warehouse claims 25% free? That bottle bottle filled about 2cms… Why are products so short of product these days?


Hello. I recently got a letter from Lattitude Financial Services (formerly GE Money). They advise me that they are clearing up their accounts and my account had a small credit of $4.95 credit in it. They then go onto say that they have now debited the amount and my account now has a balance of 0.

$4.95 is the monthly charge when your account has a balance on it so at some point I must have overpaid.

Can they do that?.Yes it is a very small amount but if they have 50,000 of these accounts with a small credit that adds up to over $247500 in extra money they get


I would like to nominate Coles “special” on cherries for Spot-A-Shonky.

A couple of weeks ago, Coles were selling loose cherries in open plastic bags by weight for $11 kg and the signage said “special”.

Last week the same cherries were on “special” for $12 kg.

This week the same cherries are again on “special” for $13 kg.


I have been taking Bayer Citracal daily for some years on the advice of my GP and I have always bought it from Chemist Warehouse.

Whilst at our local Chemist Warehouse yesterday, I asked a junior staff member where it was located and he had never of Bayer or Citracal. He said he would check the computer and returned to say they did not stock it.

I ended up asking the checkout operator to look at her computer and she said that they did have it, and she went away and returned with a bottle.

It was Citracal + Vitamin D in a bottle with an orange label. The standard Citracal which I have always bought in a bottle with a pink label is no longer stocked.

This morning I tried to find Citracal on the Chemist Warehouse website to no avail, but I did find it on the Bayer website which shows only the Citracal + Vitamin D version, and a reference to it on

The NPS article states that the shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture, so I checked the dates on my bottles.

The old bottle which has 1 tablet left, and which I would have bought around 4 months ago, is marked Exp. 08/20, and the new bottle is marked Exp. 10/19, so it was already 2 years and 3 months old when I bought it yesterday.

Nothing shonky here???


Agree. This is what the T&Cs for the card says about adjustments:

It appears from this they can make adjustments as they see fit.

It is theft as Latitude has no right to take money which is not theirs. Maybe if one had less than $0.05, then removing the few cents could be reasomable as it may trigger automatic statement issuing each month.

$13.25 is unacceptable and Lattitude should have advised the car holder that their account was in credit and suggest that spend the money by a certain date otherwise it may be lost. Just doing it automatically without notifying the customer beforehand is unreasonable and theft in my book.

I would be complaining to Latitude directly and if they don’t respond reasonably, then lodge s formal complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority


Thanks for the report @amanda, seems very dodgy to me. We’ve passed it onto our investigations team.

@Fred123, thanks for the report on cherries. If you notice this behaviour in the future, please snap a photo if you can :+1:


Hi Brendan,

Coles did not have a sign on the display where the cherries were yesterday as I had planned to take a photo, but by Murphy’s Law, they did have a sign today.

I will take a photo next time I am in the store.

Who knows? The special on cherries for the next week which starts this Wednesday might be $14 kg.


An unsuspecting consumer picked up this tub of OMO laundry detergent only to later notice some problems with their plumbing. On closer inspection it appears the product has been relabelled as OMO and was originally a ‘Samco’ brand product.



Did the unsuspecting consumer reveal where they bought it or who they suspect may have done the relabelling?

A question though, the top 2 jpgs ostensibly show a peeling OMO label over the original Samco label but the third seems to be a pristine Samco back label that on inspection appears to specify it is SAMCO powder multiple times. Was there no clue? Or was a bogus back label completely removed by photo time?

What can be seen from the bogus label does not look like any OMO label I have seen, although I have not seen them all and the buyer might have thought it was a gray import. A google for image:OMO detergent box (same for tub)does not return any international product resembling what can be seen of the bogus front label.



The Samco Foods website also has images of stock on pallets…

One of photos shows a pallet of the red contaiiners which from the image, while not overly clear, one can make out that it does not have OMO on the label. It is difficult to see however what the label says.

It appears that the label has been added post pallet breaking…if the customer photos and reports are correct, I wonder if the store importing and/or selling the product is relabelling a cheap clothes detergent as OMO to command a higher price or to get more buyers. Such rebadging is common in other counrries but is considered counterfeiting.

Anyway, the customer should also lodge a complaint with OMO’s parent, Unilever, as they are likely to investigate and take action if someone is in fact falsing selling other products as OMO/counterfeiting their products.


Perhaps OMO might mean something different in China, although there is an absence of Chinese written characters on the labels.

Samco Foods in WA or perhaps even Unilever might like to respond to help,us all understand?


While they didn’t reveal where the purchase was made, the SAMCO details are pretty clear on the pack (and if the report is accurate, that’s a pretty brazen con). The thing that was particularly worrying was the report that this product had caused some issues with their plumbing.

The report also indicated that they hadn’t checked the packaging closely until after the product was used. I’ve encouraged them to report the issue too.


Hi Brendan,

Not $14 kg today but on special for $13.90 kg.

Sort of like a dutch auction in reverse.

I will take a photo when I go to Coles later.