Spare wheel for a toyota corolla hybrid zwe211r

This car does not have a spare wheel.Roadside assistance does not have spare wheels and the vehicle has to be towed if one gets a flat tyre that does not respond to the tyre repair kit supplied with the car.
Is there an earlier toyota model or another car type that has a spare wheel that would fit.?

Welcome @capnmal.

A wheel is just a part. Have you perhaps asked your Toyota dealer to get one, and stick a suitable tyre on it?
A quick search on Google also finds companies that sell wheels for your car.
Most tyre places do wheels as well.


A secondary question is whether your Corolla Hybrid has a wheel well to hold a spare and if so, will it hold a full sized wheel+tyre or only an emergency type spare?

Following on if the wheel well doesn’t suit or the hybrid uses the space for say batteries and there is no wheel well, are you happy (willing) to carry it in the boot or is the plan to have it brought by a partner or taxi if required?


I can see an opportunity here for a new accessory at the local motor accessories store.
Inspired by
TIRE CARRIER, Modified Standard Rack #1

The lack of a spare or a full sized spare is shared with many other marques these days.
Perhaps if enough owners of the affected vehicles adopt a similar daggy solution the importers will also be inspired to provide something better. Like a full size spare and safe retention in the boot.


Series 1 Landrover bonnet anyone? A bit of panel beating and it might fit.


There could be a new old trend, especially for big SUV’s?