Some Linksys routers that have vulnerabilities

There are a series of newer Linksys Routers that have vulnerabilities that may have not been patched. They can allow remote attacks and theft of data. Please read the followings links for a list of those routers affected and an Advisory from Belkin on how to reduce the risks until a patch is released (many have been released but not all are covered yet):

and on this page look at the IOACTIVE Advisory (and please read the other advisories on this page to see if you have other issues)


Linksys don’t have a great rep from my experience - I remember tearing down the Linux image of the type I was using years ago, and proving some points in the process … This was long before the strange buyout by Cisco and even longer before Belkin snapped them up - neither purchase filled me with any great hope (motives/etc).

I use ASUS standalone routers now with Totato or DDWRT, and offload the line interface to Netgear running custom firmware by ‘Richud’ - they seem to give much better leadtime to bugfix and also give me operating system access to script my own stuff …