Solo Traveller on cruise lines

The discrimination against persons travelling on their own is the greatest rort that I have seen on cruise ships. Question is why double certainly a 20% may be but not double. My own circumstances I lost my wife 18 months ago , and now I would like to finished our bucket list. But Double the price and receive no answer from the princess cruise line is down right rude and not company with a concern about its customers. Ray Kelly.


Thanks for raising the issue @dawn.ray, and good on you for chasing down that bucket list. I’ll be sure to share your report with my colleagues at CHOICE.

You have probably already found some solutions, but in case anyone is interested, there are a few companies that appear to be offering a better deal when it comes to cruises for solo travellers. This website also has some singles cruise deals, or you could speak to a traditional travel agent like Flight Centre, which has a section on their website for single cruises.

I haven’t personally used any of those companies, so if anyone can add further experiences that would be appreciated. Keep an eye out for any fees and always do your own research to make sure you are getting the best deal.


Thank you for bringing this up. As an ageing population, with many people later in life without partners yet still wanting to travel, having to pay such a ridiculous premium will turn many off the idea.

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I have put up with this discrimination for years, as sharing with strangers does not work for me.
To rub salt into the wound, if you notice in a lot of the adverts, the prices for cabins are noted as Per Person,then when there is an “On Board Credit” it states SINGLE CABINS 50% even though you are paying for TWO. I have tried and tried to get answers to all of this, however Travel Agents (who are usually of the younger generation and cannot understand why anyone would want to or have no choice to travel alone)
Some Cruise Lines say they have a no single supplement, usually the very expensive River Cruise Companies, and the prices are just out of normal people’s range.
I also get annoyed at the “Single Supplement” tag, its not a Supplement, to people that means you would just pay a few dollars extra.
No wonder people take other holiday options. However I just love cruising, and save hard for the joy!!


My girlfriend has solved this problem by joining The Sisterhood Travellers - see online and I realise that this is for females only, but it might be worthwhile to see whether a similar organisation is around for males or better still, start one up or work with someone to start one up - do you think? Good Luck and yes, it is not only costly to travel Solo, but it is always a great way to travel with company.