Solar Services Group - Beware of their deceptive pricing letter

I received the attached letter from Solar Service Group based in Box Hill, Victoria

The letter offers solar battery systems with “… exclusive pre-release product at a substantially lower cost than the price we will release it to the general market…” (quoted verbatim from the letter)

Searching the internet reveals that this or similar letters have been distributed by this business for several years. The reports are that the substantially lower cost pricing offerred is significanlty higher than ‘normal’ pricing available from other suppliers of the same product.

This letter demonstrates the need to do research before taking up “special” offfers.


Last time I checked prices, the Alpha ESS were very expensive, and would never go anywhere near paying themselves off before end of life.


Whilst they have a customer review star rating of 4.2 on Product Review, the 1 star ratings are absolutely scathing.


Thanks @gordon. Appreciate your input.

Another reason to avoid this “special” offer.


We received a similar letter in Brisbane and binned it.

It looks like they are using aerial photographs (such as Google Earth?) to direct market to houses with solar installed.


I’m pretty sure SSG are not the first to try this special battery … offer … but lets call it a scam, I recall some other company doing the same thing a couple of years ago. Grossly inflated price with special introductory/special offer price reduction.


Yes, there has been like this other one…but happens to be the same company with a different ‘mojo’.


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We’ve received a few queries and concerns about these Solar Service Group offers over the past couple of years. A friend of mine also received one so I had a chance to look at the offer (and the subsequent series of emails). She didn’t take up the offer!

My advice is be very wary of this mob. The prices turn out to be too high for what you get, and the claims of special deals for carefully selected home-owners, ground-breaking new products, subsidised prices etc are hard to believe. At the very least, get a couple of other quotes and compare them.