Solar Company woes

I am a long term member of Choice.

I had installed in April 2020 By Instyle Solar, a 6.6Kw Solar system, using 18 panels in a two bank, the panels came from a Canadian manufacturer that has micro inverters on each panel to avoid bank shutdowns. They feed to an Enphase controller unit in the workshop as the panels are on the workshop and garage roof. The other half of the Enphase unit and the new digital meter is installed in the switchboard by the house, some 15 metres away.

I have never had an output that has changed my bills as the electrician says there is a problem with communication of the system. They have been out three times and not able to get a positive result.

Because we live in a mobile dead spot and our ADSL2 is slow as a wet weekend, they now seem to be stumped, They came last in mid November and whilst in communication with Enphase, determined that on 11 of the panels the micro inverters had failed, evidently a blown fuse, (not repairable). They said they would come back and replace the faulty micro inverters, but never turned up.

The Company is based in Brisbane and after numerous phone calls, complaints and threats of taking the matter to the Ombudsman, an Rep who is now based in Sydney came to me and apologised for the poor service frmm the Company, he inspected the system and promised a fix, that turned out to be the replacement of all the micro converters with new upgraded units, since then there seems to be a working system. Now I shall try and calculate how much extra electricity costs I have been billed with a faulty system ov a year of not full solar production. Is this fair that I should be able to claim compensation?

Now, when I phoned today, I was told they have closed up for Christmas, (as of Friday 17th) and not back till Jan 5th, not what I would consider good customer support. Considering we have never had any benefit from this installation, in lessening our power bills or any feed in benefits I would like your advice as to where I can go from here.

While it seems fair it doesn’t happen in practice because of the numbers of variables that make computing that impossible. You will also find that your contract as well as the warranties do not cover collateral loses beyond the PV system itself.

As it is June 2022 would you like to clarify that remark?

There is ‘nowhere to go’ beyond having your system fixed and made operational, and what has passed is past.

FWIW you can log into your Enphase Envoy (not the Enphase web site) using a web browser to check your system. You should have been given documentation on how, or you can find it on the Enphase web site.

If you have any internet connection you might need a wifi extender to get a strong enough signal near the Envoy, or have a hard wired ethernet run to it. It doesn’t need reliable internet service as it will catch up, but it does need a strong enough stable wifi or ethernet.


Assuming this is this the company @GSF?
InStyle Solar trading in several states and for this topic out of Brendale on the northern outskirts of Brisbane.

Assume one needs to supply your own hoops? :wink:

There is another known as InStyle Electrics Pty Ltd assumed unrelated trading around the Sunshine Coast who also do solar, AC, etc.