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Soft, medium or firm. Which mattress feel do you prefer?

We have a sleep-number bed, it’s about 9 years old. We love it, it’s like 2 single beds, each side is adjustable to a number that suits the sleeper. Our friends purchased one this year too, they’re very happy with theirs. The operation has been updated to enable them to adjust their beds via their mobile phones.

My view is that the top of the mattress provides the comfort - firm, medium or soft. All modern mattresses are supportive in their construction. I prefer a plush pillow top as I suffer with hip and shoulder pain if it’s too firm. My arm goes to sleep if there is too much pressure on my shoulder.

We slept on a firm latex mattress for some 30 years but just recently replaced it with a new medium latex mattress and are happy as we have a good nights sleep :sleeping:
I wished Choice would include latex mattresses in their mattress reviews :roll_eyes:


3 Years down the track with my Lazybed mattress, and its already in need a replacement. I think it had a 10 year warranty, but given that Lazybed no longer exists (or was bought by Onebed) I guess I am SoL.

I’m awaiting the next set of reviews too, but am completely disinterested in anything with springs because of the added weight. I bought a ZZZAtelier from ebay, because so many people (Ozbargain and whirlpool) said its an excellent mattress… but after it arrived, I could not even move it from inside the front door, to the bedroom, let alone get it onto the bed. The cost of returning it proved too expensive, so I sold it on, still in its box, for $10 less than I paid whew. I’d like to have latex again but I would have the same issue. Too heavy to move.

Please do reviews of all the bed in a box FOAM mattresses as a separate thing. If possible. If willing.


I helped a neighour move their queen bed latex mattress up a floor in their house and will never do it again. The latex mattress they had must have weighed at least 50% or more than our pocketed inner spring one (a US website indicates that latex mattress weight ranges from 27-113kg and spring mattresses are generally lighter than most other types of mattresses). It also flopped around making the move difficult. If one turns their mattress regularly (which is recommended by manufacturers), weight is a issue for those who may not be high in the muscle stakes.

Some of the compressed pocketed spring mattresses (mattresses in a box) are also lighter than their non-compressed cousins. This might be to allow easier shipping and carrying by the consumer.

Choice also includes mattress weight in their reviews. Like any product, each type has lighter and heavy ones.


I’m grateful that my latex mattress doesn’t need turning, in fact it is designed to be used on one side only, although it does need to be rotated and the advice is not to risk injury and get someone to help. But I don’t find it too difficult to push it in a circle until it’s rotated.
If possible I would also like to see latex mattresses tested and reviewed by Choice, as I would not go back to spring mattresses now under any circumstances.


I can’t remember if it was our Koala or the Ecosa that came with WHEELS on the box… I have a feeling it was the Ecosa. The Ecosa was also folded in half then rolled for a shorter wider box, while the Koala was just rolled in a long skinny box. Either way, the delivery folks were happy to take the box as far into the house as we wanted, which was nice.

Koala was a much nicer sleep than the Ecosa, which is VERY firm. However when we lost our Koala to a mould problem (our bed base broke and we stupidly decided to put it on the floor until we could get a new one), we decided to try Ecosa for the simple added feature of a waterproof mattress cover (because at the time we had a toddler, although still relevant with an older kid). Not as nice to sleep on, but the waterproof cover is excellent, so I guess we got what we wanted. I’m used to the Ecosa now, and softer beds feel weird.

Best beds in the house are still the basic (cheaper) firm old fashioned spring singles (both purchased from Forty Winks) on slats with a convoluted topper.


My lazybed doesnt need it either, in theory, but given theres only me sleeping on it (the cat makes no impression) whats happened now is that theres a sag on both sides, but at opposite ends. If flipping it would help, I would do that, but its not meant to be done. That said, maybe I will try it and see if the firmness of the base of it is any more satisfying than the saggy top.

Now that we are talking about the weight of latex, I am beginning to remember thats why I got rid of mine some 15 years ago, (and the bed that came with it, and I really wish I had kept that and just replaced the mattress)


We have two latex mattress, and a third previously. One observation is that they can be hot to sleep on. Great in winter but not so great in summer in the tropics.

A second observation is that the comfort level seems to vary between users. Our light and thin family members and visitors were more positive of the experience. Is there still a need for matching the appropriate density or stiffness of the latex to the user? Personally, two of the three were too soft, or had too much give to keep a straight back. Our experience with retailers has been some offer one latex fits all, but add it’s a personal preference. It would be useful to understand more and if this is reliable advice.


Your observation, @mark_m, reminded
me that at first I was sorry to have got a latex mattress because of how hot it was to sleep on. My problem is that even the slightest warmer temperature prevents me from going to sleep.
I managed by changing to lighter weight blankets and covers on top of the bed. Worked for me, anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.


It works beautifully. I found when I first got my lazybed mattress that I was as hot as hades… I took the doona off, added a cotton aircell blanket for winter (sheet or nothing in summer) and all good now. Must admit that I never had issues with the latex mattress way back, but I was younger, and not yet diabetic which seems to have affected my personal thermostat! The other thing I do for summer cool is direct the air from my Close Comfort aircon, right over my body, starting at feet.