Sneaky Changes to Terms and Conditions - SchoolEasyPay

SchoolEasyPay is a website that many schools use to manage payment of school fees.

They recently increased one of the fees for payment failures from $5 to $15. The only notice of that change was an update on their FAQ page:

If you pay your fees with your credit/debit card, you will not incur a charge for rejected payments. For bank account payment failures, a $15 fee may be payable.

I’ve not problem with them having the option to charge a fee for failed payments - no doubt it creates extra work for them. It doesn’t say that they will necessarily apply the fee either (“may be payable”). However, I think that notifying customers via email of any change to terms and conditions would be simple and is the “right” thing to do.

The company is of course abiding by their policy for for variations and amendments:

7.1 School EasyPay may vary, delete or add (a “Change”) to these Terms (including the Payment Processing Fee and other fees) at any time. Any Change will be effective from the date School EasyPay posts the Change on the School EasyPay website. School EasyPay may not notify the Parent in any other way of any Change.

Oh well, as long as my payments work, this won’t affect me…

FYI, there is a related article by @JemmaCastle here: Changes to Ts and Cs


Thanks for letting us know about this issue @ShinyBlack. While they may be abiding by the rules, we still think it’s only fair that customers receive prominant notifaction about changes like this that could inadvertantly end up costing the ususpecting more money.