Smoke alarms - 10 year lithium battery models

Cheers Chris. Happy to help.

As a follow up, I ordered the Emerald Planet remote controller and 6x Emerald Planet 10yr battery wireless ones from special at Smoke alarms - 10 year lithium battery models - #18 by mark_m - all up with delivery = AUD$341. They arrived today and I installed them all. Working well. Setup the remote controller as master and all alarm devices as slave. Being in Queensland, I’ve now taken care of that requirement :smiley:

Oh and if it ain’t obvious, when you drill into ceiling for the mounts, wear eye protection! And also have covers over any furniture or stuff you don’t want ceiling debris falling onto. First one I installed, I got some debris into my eyes LOL

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Maybe too time consuming but maybe do similar battery life testing as mobile phone reviews. You can line up a bunch of smoke alarm brands and rig up a setup that will trigger alerts on a timed interval and see how long the 10yr battery alarms last before the battery is depleted or until when their low battery indicators are triggered?

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Thanks again - I’ll check out that new link.

And I’ll be sure to have my hazmat suit at the ready! :mask:

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haha. I thought I didn’t need the eye protection as I was drilling to the side of me and not directly above my head. But debris fly! :rofl:

Having carefully checked Choice reviews, I discovered the second model recommended is no longer available. Thank goodness I looked at the ratings of the apparent replacement model on the Bunnings website. 16 complaints about failure soon after purchasing for a model guaranteed for 10 years.
When is Choice going to review smoke alarms again, particularly the sealed lithium battery ones, which should be more convenient?

Hi @Hillsgal. We are (at last!) planning a new smoke alarm review, for next year. At this stage I’d expect the review to be online in May.

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Hi Chris, I’ve one question that you may be able to answer now or need to test for.

Re the PE interconnected wireless alarms with a built in 10 year battery. What battery reserve is there over the 10 year design life to allow for false triggering, testing and for what total alarm sounding duration over that time?

Each of our still legal but non interconnecting PE alarms trigger randomly 2-4 times each year. That excludes any battery drain for testing as required on a regular basis. If we interconnected 4 (the minimum we legally require) the false alarms would occur 4 times as often draining the built in battery at a greater rate.

My thoughts would be to do a final test that measured the power drain from the battery directly while the alarm is activated. It would be wasteful to have to throw away alarms after only 3-4 years if the battery life is rapidly shortened by even one event each year. With 4 interconnected alarms it might need many minutes to try to move from room to room cancelling each in turn until the culprit is silenced! Assuming this is how it works?