SMEG service

I know that SMEG dishwashers get a very bad rap here, but I have to report excellent service on a SMEG dishwasher. Friendly efficient and prompt.


It might help others to know more about the experience and outcomes, if possible.
What happened that required service?
How was the problem dealt with?


FWIW I am on record that SMEG’s service agent in Victoria, Alantin Services, is brilliant and I could not have had a better experience between SMEG and Alantin. Their product support has been impeccable (pyrolytic oven).

OTOH SMEG engineering and manufacturing is another topic.

a) One of the electronics cooling fans started making strange noises when the oven was hot.

b) The oven cavity top shield was poorly coated in manufacture

a) Alantin Service replaced the fan, no hassles.

b) SMEG->Alantin provided another part, but was similar to the original. SMEG promised a better one when the next shipment came in. They advised they are all pretty much the same so it seems like a poor manufacturing process suggesting the problem is how they hang the parts for firing (or whatever the process is). Whether that will have any long term affect is TBD. The topic was left open at SMEG so I could revisit it if the part failed prematurely.

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