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Smashed Avo On Toast


Now I just need some melted coconut oil :grin:.


Maybe they need a mockamole.

One has to consider the denuded seed after guacamole is made. These recipes will ensure the seed never gets cold.


I have read several articles regarding avocados recently where the authors have called them “stone fruit”.

This and similar articles certainly does not concur with such atatements…


Mockamole! Well, that’s a first for me :rofl:


Oh dear. Oh dear.

Another smashed avocado on toast disaster.



A handy tip regarding storing unripe avocados in the fridge until required.



It is obvious that the journalist doesn’t know what the mouth is for. One bite and the avocardo would be smashed more than any restaurant/cafe could do.

I would prefer fresh cubes of bright green avocado cubes on toast lightly ‘smashed’ rather than potentially avocado from a pre-made smashed avocado container where the avocado has had the chance to oxidise.

'I love eating one avocado a day to satiate my hunger and prevent weight gain

While avocados might be a good food to eat, a balance diet may be better.


An article regarding research into health benefits of eating avocado seeds.


Not quite correct? There Is only a suggestion here that an extract produced from avocado seeds may have the potential to reduce inflamitory effects related to white blood cells. There is no recommendation to eat the seeds raw in the article!

It is just some scientists looking for research funding and a career path. All great if it gets the public interest, but something that should be part of everyday research funding if it has a sound basis in fact.

Our avo seeds go to the compost, which is a 100% zero cost waste reduction plan. The referenced article suggesting the US has a landfill problem that can be partly addressed by not adding avocado seeds to landfill does put a nice green spin on the research proposal. It might just be more efficient to send them straight to compost?


An interesting article regarding selecting avocados that have smaller seeds.

I had never really noticed it previously, but I now recall that the elongated ones do tend to have smaller seeds.



A hail storm has destroyed some 4 million avocados on a NSW farm.

Really puts a different meaning on “smashed avocado”.

As I posted elsewhere. who would want to be a farmer?



What precisely is that? Virtually all researchers have to go through rigorous applications for funding, often through multiple potential sources. A committee decides which are meritorious enough to get funding. It is rarely easy unless one has a potential silver bullet to eradicate a top 10 disease as well as a good application.

Ignoring the avocado is there any scientist, or anyone else, who is not interested in funding be it for research or just a contract job, and a career path?

One can have a view on avocados and the merits thereof without implicitly disparaging the researchers and scientists who are just doing what researchers and scientists do. You might have a think of all the products we would not have if it were not for those types. Even google started as a research project.


My Apologies to all researches.

Perhaps I am being a little narrow minded in this instance. Politely the research is at a very early stage, and as noted, for all scientists doing research it is part of the necessary routine to use promotion to assist in keeping the work in the spot light for funding.

That an extract from avocado seeds could contain a beneficial anti-inflammatory is good research.

Once the compound/s if useful are isolated and the results quantified, it would seem more likely they would be produced/synthesised rather than from harvested seed? Suggesting that the research is a solution to avocado seed waste disposal (already has a solution) remains a step too far. If the quality and certainty of the work has promise should it need that promotion at all? Hopefully my cynicism is shown to be misplaced by further research.

Note there is a contradiction between the intro to the item and the advice re the search.
Firstly that eating avocado seeds (not recommended in the report) has health benefits,
secondly consumption/eating seeds would be specifically beneficial to treating inflamatory conditions (this remains to be established or demonstrated).

It is all too easy for fads to develop from the promises not yet proven.

Per the report linked:
* A new study has found that avocado seed extract could help reduce inflammation.
* The research is a promising development for future treatment of cancer, arthritis, colitis, cardiovascular disease, and more.
* It also offers hope for reducing food waste.
* However the researchers note that further research is needed, and it’s not recommended people start gnawing on avocado seeds.


Accepting Research is a corner stone for many of the benefits and improvements we take advantage of today.

In some instances the results have been less worthy and receive due disapproval.

For that example the jury may still be deliberating whether the outcome for the community was worth the investment, price paid for the ongoing research?


Another classic article regarding exorbitant pricing for avocado on toast.



$1.33 to $2.17 per serve for DIY at home?

But then you would need to invite all your friends around? :worried:


It would have been nice to base for the article to have information on net profit rather than gross profit.

There are a lot of ‘hidden’ costs with eating at a food outlet including labour costs, waste costs, rent, power and the list goes on. Such needs to also be considered.

Also, if one things smashed avo on toast is expensive as it is cheaper to do at home, then one has the choice to either order something else or instead have them at home.


The article covered that.

Sure, we aren’t factoring in rent, staff wages, condiments, cutlery, napery, running costs or convenience. And we think establishments can charge what they like, if people are willing to pay it.

It covered that too.

But our ultimate point is, if you think $21 is too steep a price to pay for your avocado on toast, maybe spend that same money on a different meal and save the avo brunches for your $1.16 fix at home. It’s an alternative that was certainly tasty today.