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Smart watch for mental health disability users

Can anyone recommend a smart watch? I’ve previously purchased a Moochie smart watch for my disabled family member and worked great until days after the warranty period she kept getting error saying add SIM card. When I called they advised to pay for repair charge (same price as the watch) and they would send a new watch however am skeptical this will happen each time warranty lapses.
Any recommendations?
I think they are an awesome idea
Thank you in advance,

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Welcome to the forum.

I assume you have had the watch for over the 24 months warranty period?

Please search the forum for information on the Australian Consumer Law minor faults, and Choice on how to write a letter of complaint.

Verbal does not hold any value; it has to be in writing. Email your letter to Explain that under the ACL you expect a $150 watch to function perfectly for more than two years, and you believe it should be repaired for free or replaced. If they accede to this, you may have to send the watch back to them. Make sure that you get the package signed for by the receiver (registered mail?) when you send it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Hi @ @Munoz, welcome to the community.

Did the watch have a SIM card installed before the error occurred?

Does the watch have a SIM card still in it (hasn’t been removed)?

If it did have a SIM card, have you tried to remove the SIM and reinsert it just in case the SIM card has become loose and no longer has good contact with the internals of the watch?

While an ‘awesome’ product, some of our friends have indicated that the weakest part of the watch is the battery. Smaller li-ion batteries don’t like regular discharge and recharge and they find after a year or two, the phone battery performance is poor and they find they have to either replace the battery or watch (watch as sometimes it is cheaper than replacing the battery).


I wish I knew that when I had contacted them, I didn’t know any better so just accepted that there wasn’t anything else I could do.
I know now for the future

Thank you