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Find the best smart speakers (member content) with our latest review, including which ones are the best to recognise voice commands, connected services, sound quality and more. We also have a smart speaker buying guide to find out more about these products and what to expectwhen installing them in your home.

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Our smart speaker review has been updated for 2019.


Well, more about my Bluetooth speaker that keeps me entertained in the morning during my ablutions. It’s a Photive water-resistant speaker, but I am wondering how good the water resistance is likely to be after I dropped it onto the tiles from about 6 feet up. It still works, but rattles.

Should I consider ordering a replacement sooner rather than later?

On the subject of smart speakers, I have no intention of allowing yet another device into my home whose main purpose is to listen to everything I say (gotta hear that ‘wake-up’ catch-phrase).

For anyone who uses one of these devices to listen to comments on the Choice Community…

Okay Google, what is the meaning of this thread?
Alexa, order me 200 rolls of toilet paper
Okay Siri, why am I doing this?



It’s hard to say without inspecting the device, but it’s possible that dropping the speaker could have introduced a fault that would effect the resistancy to water. If we’re talking a bit of steam, you might want to chance it but if you’re taking the speaker into the pool or something like that, then I’d be more inclined to budget for a new one sometime in the near future.

This gave me a chuckle. Recently, there was a South Park episode that caused some chaos along these lines.


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A further concern over the security of Smart Speakers from Google & Amazon


Not nice. I was considering an Echo for a while, no way after reading that article. So I shall remain smart speakerless.