Smart Phone Batteries

I recently had a faulty battery when I purchased a Samsung Galaxy J1 mini. The sales person told me that the new one only has a six month warranty, only the phone has a two year warranty. I think this fact should have been made clearer on all mobiles. Can Choice staff investigate the life of batteries on all brands from inexpensive to the most expensive phones?


This link

appears to say otherwise. It also mentions products bought in an auction are not covered at all - I wonder if they include Ebay and buy-it-now option in that? Can’t see that flying under the ACL?

Edited to add: my list of reasons not to buy Samsung increases … again …


Thanks for the request @wrice, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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Australian Consumer Law trumps warranties, and says that a product must be fit for purpose. While it is more difficult to claim via the ACCC, mentioning it may help your cause.

Unfortunately, I gather that it is impossible to predict how long a particular battery might last. This is something I was told last time I replaced my car battery, and presumably goes with the technology. Regardless, a consumer item should come with a decent replacement period - consumers should not have to worry about separate warranties for separate parts of a device, or such a short replacement period for an expensive part.


Yes it does. 2 years for an embedded battery (like in a smart phone which can’t be removed), or 1 year for others.

Now, if the battery has been replaced…within 2 years…

@wrice, if you have all the relevant documents (purchase receipt/invoice, payment for battery replacement), I woule be taking those along with the manufacturer warranty card provided in link provided by @draughtrider above, to the retailer and demand reimbursement of the battery replacement.

The information provided by the retailer of 6 months is incorrect, resulting in money being spent on the battery replacement, which should have otherwise been replaced free of charge under warranty.


Yes, I agree, draughtrider. Fortunately, I did not spend a cent for this replacement. I wait and see how long this one will last before taking action. I asked one of the sales people how long can I expect a battery to last and he replied 'it depends how often you use the phone". What codswallup!