SMALL microwave wanted

I live in a small apartment. Bench width depth 40cm. All of the Microwaves recommended by Choice are far too big!

Is it possible for you to install a wall mount above your bench? I have used (for decades), in different kitchens, brackets very similar to the one shown below: easy installation (and cleaning!!).
It gives you an option for a larger microwave too…


Thank you. I will pursue this.

We recently retired our decades old microwave. The new one is an LG Neo Chef 25L.

It’s big enough to fit a full sized dinner plate in, and dims are 27.2cm high, 47cm wide, 36.2cm deep


Kmart has small microwaves (volumes <30L) with depth less than 40cm. See:

Reviews of Kmart microwaves are generally positive, especially value for money.


Thank you Ben I will definitely check out your selection

Thank you phb.

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I should have added that I really only use a microwave for heating milk for my coffee and cooking frozen meals. I wish manufacturers would make basic models that suit this purpose.


They do, the Choice review has half a dozen around the 20l mark that are about 30cm deep. You will not find many less than that as they would not fit a large dinner plate.