Slip covers for sofas

I think you will find that was @phb.
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It says much about the sellers consumer attitude. As you suggest even if it’s hindsight it’s always worthwhile reading all the fine print. I also thought the following wording from the T’C’s, which incidentally were not prominent on opening the home web page, informative. In particular the last line which is impossible to comply with. My highlight.

By visiting our site and/ or purchasing something from us, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions Terms of Service, “Terms”, including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors of content. Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website.

On my tablet screen, the colour doesn’t come up as being green. It appears grey possibly with the ever so slight hint of blue. The hint of blue is more pronounced in the closeup on the right image showing the elastic hem.

It also has a coarser fabric pattern is printed onto the fabric. The printed fabric pattern has at least three different colours, cream, light-medium grey and a medium grey with a slight bluish tint…

If you can post a closeup photo taken under white light conditions (sunlight or fluoro) to see if the colour you received is similar to that on the website. You indicated in your earlier post that it was mid dark grey which suggests it could be.

A slip cover which appears on a screen as having a shade of green is this one…with the colour being uniform on the fabric.

Edit: Looking at the same images on our PC screen, the colour appears slightly bluer and maybe a little lighter overall than that on the tablet. The cream colour in the above image has a very slight hint of blue which may make the overall image slightly bluer in colour.


I had a similar experience buying Birkenstock sandles online from what was a “Melbourne company “ and address. 6 weeks later a package arrived from China with 3 pairs of men’s large plastic sandles! I ordered small women’s.!! PayPal got me a refund but the postage had to be paid by me & the sandles returned before release of the $$. First & last time I would buy online . To add the returned sandles came back to me 2 months later … given to the op shop!:grimacing:


It is called drop shipping. Drop shipping is an online business model where a company doesn’t hold any stock and customer orders are filled and shipped direct from the manufacturer or other suppliers. The model can be risky for the drop shipping business as it relies heavily on trust…that being the manufacturer/supplier does what is in the best interest of the customer. The risk is the manufacturer/supplier has no relationship with the customer and may cut corners (deliver inferior, wrong etc products) to maximise their own profitability at the expense of the drop shipping business reputation.

Drop shipping is becoming more common and there are examples like yours where customer experiences has been less than favourable. When one uses a drop shipping business for purchases, it can allow customers to buy products not usually retailed in Australia or known products at a discount to usual brick and mortar stores. Knowing the good from the bad is challenging.


Apologies to phb for the mis-credit, and thanks to mark_m for upping my level and advice re pics; hopefully the one intended for this post will come through. As phb suggested, I photographed one of the sofa covers in bright sunlight. I believe the photo bears out my ‘grey’ contention. Interestingly, since the sun was almost directly overhead, part of the image shows the fabric in the shadow of my phone – i.e. still well-lit but ‘unbleached’ by the direct sun, and what you see is a deep shade of the blue phb detected.

I don’t want to take up any more of people’s time, but I will just add one extra element to this saga. Until I submitted a dispute request to the Bank, I hadn’t checked my credit card statement to see how much had been charged (yes, silly, I know). My ‘shopping cart’ on check-out showed a total cost (including freight) of $145 but I had been charged $149.35. The statement entry read: ‘SP Sofaguard London including overseas taxation fee $4.35 $149.35’. Again, with hindsight, I have a vague recollection of having seen a reference to something which I ignored at the time as relating to any import duty which might apply to overseas customers of what I took to be an Australian supplier. This is another matter that I’ll take up with my bank, but I’m guessing it’s related to the ‘drop shipping’ model phb sketched.


Thanks for the photo.

The material is slightly different to that shown in the closeup on the website, most notably is there is mainly two colours on the fabric you have where the online photo appears to have three. It could be a camera artifact. Notwithstanding this the grey colour appears similar to the

in the online photo shown in the gaps in the printed fabric thread. Possibly with less blue tint and slightly darker which could be a camera or screen effect.

I had a much more expensive similar experience with an iPhone order. It cost me hundreds and frustration as I never got a refund or replacement and the phone was a refurbished model that was faulty. I posted about this and there was a discussion about a grey market where companies trade with websites and P.O.Box address. when they are based overseas. The warranty was worth nothing. I am now very shy about buying anything over the internet. Sorry to hear you got ripped off.

P.S. I ordered the iPhone through Paypal but they kept telling me to resolve the problem with the seller. Then PayPal closed the case after a certain number of days and so now i don’t use PayPal because they were not doing their job.