Skymesh NBN - Deliberate Policy of Congestion

In quite an amazing turn of events, NBN provider Skymesh have taken a business decision to downgrade capacity in a large amount of areas, causing massive peak time congestion(This was alluded to by Adele, the sales director in a whirlpool thread). You only need to read the various whirlpool threads and spike in negative reviews on productreview to see the massive amount of complaints since they took this action approx 4 weeks ago. People are seeing speed reductions of over 80% in peak times!

They only took this decision to save money after being bought out by UK company SSW and the previous managing director leaving.

I think it’s extraordinary that a company would take a conscious decision to downgrade the customer experience to save money. They are now canned-responding to people who complain stating that “speeds are no longer guaranteed” despite charging a premium price for higher speeds.

I’d be interested to know Choice’s opinion on the practice.


Hi @DrSpock, thanks for sharing this, I’ll be sure to pass it on to our content team. We’re also running our own investigations into NBN speed (located here if you haven’t already seen it).

If any other Community members have any personal experience with Skymesh, please share it below.

I was a fan of SkyMesh before due to their techo orientation, strong presence on Whirlpool and superior performance

[fixed wireless NBN].

I switched from Internode which had a similar profile which descended into underprovisioned hell (downloads on a 25/5 plan fell from over 20 to under 10) as it was integrated into TPG

SkyMesh was initially acceptable with downloads over 20 … then it all changed.
A recent Speedtest of Shame
Ookla NetGauge Result
Down: [0.9 Mbps] Up: [4.3 Mbps] Latency: [84 ms]
Sydney Server 20/07/2017 20:29+10
SkyMesh nbn™ fixed wireless service (Aggregated)
Peak information rate: 25/5 Mbps

You are reading that right 0.9 download speed on a 25/5 plan!!

Their TIO complaint process is theatre

I intend to add the ACCC to my existing TIO complaint as SkyMesh is engaged in corporate level fraud by pretending this is an isolated instance when it is in fact the result of a corporate decision which requires corporate level penalties

If you are still a SkyMesh subscriber my question is Why?

In my short experience with Aussie BB I have found them to be true to description - ALWAYS above 23, irrespective of the time

Vote with your feet