Ski Lift Passes

I went to buy a ski lift pass at the Mt Baw Baw website which are $55 for weekdays and $85 for weekends. I went to book for a Wednesday and found the cost was $85 at the check out. Looking at the date more closely, I realized it was on school holidays so thought this was the cause. So I reviewed the website more closely to locate where it mentioned an $85 price for school holidays. I can’t seem to find it. I don’t think it’s on the website. Is it worth mentioning this to the Baw Baw committee? I figure it should be treated as a bricks & mortar establishment - if it’s advertised for a price then the seller is obligated to sell it for that price even if it’s a mistake.

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Their website states:

Weekend rates apply during the Victorian June-July School Holidays

It appears the pricing on their website, which you have indicated, is correct.

Perhaps the disclaimer “These prices are indicative and subject to change” is their out.

Also the booking system displays the higher price before adding a booking to the cart, rather than it just appearing at checkout.

Yes, they may not be deliberately trying to mislead customers and would appreciate the heads up.

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phb, I would read that comment as only applying to Family Lift Passes as that is the section it is listed in. The asterixed comment would have to be on it’s own or/& they would need to an asterix next to each cost that it applies to.

I sent them an email a few weeks ago without reply. I will try call them on Tuesday. Lift passes are pricey along with everything associated with a snow day out. It really annoys me that the correct level of clarity isn’t presented to the customer when making these hefty purchases.

Thanks again!

It is a poorly designed ticket purchasing system indeed.
But the * special condition seems to be some sort of ‘well we told you legally and if you cannot understand what we try to say in our clumsy way, then that is your problem’.

It could apply to all the above. There isn’t and * adjacent to any price. If it was for the family lift pass only, one would expect am asterisk next to the family lift price.

It is poorly formatted and could be a website manage by themselves.

Thanks again for taking the time. Have a great week!