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Hi, just wanting to do a reply on my first post. I am a very new member, posted my first post, received 2 replies & one of the replies is a question so I wish to answer but cannot. Help is needed. Thank you.


Hi @Foreman62. I’ve been learning by trial and error and it’s been frustrating. Your question prompted me to try and find basic help. I hope this will be useful Welcome to the CHOICE Community (w/Tutorial) . It covers navigating, creating new topics, replying, actions, notifications, your preferences, etc.

Best of all, if you need more specific help, it mentions to send an email to and they are helpful when asked.

Personally I haven’t come to grips with the structure of Choice Community. Thankfully there are a lot of people in various roles - staff and moderators - who will fix our errors, reposition posts if necessary, in a supportive and friendly way. If interested, you’ll find them listed here About - Community.


Hi @Foreman62, welcome to the community.

I have changed your member status from a new user to novice. Hopefully this removes any reply restrictions which prevented you to replying in the thread that you created.

Hopefully you should now see a blue reply button

at the end of the thread you can use to reply,

If the change in member status didn’t fix the problem you are having, let us know and we will escalate it for you.


Thank you, I can use the reply button now but when I tried, I had only been a member for less than 24hrs. Perhaps that was the problem?