Single traveller fares

When are single travellers going to get cheaper fares,etc. Trains,cruise,etc seem to cater for couples.


In Japan you pay for most hotel rooms at a per person rate. If it is a double room but only one person you only pay the single rate .Interestingly though, many Australian tour companies will charge a single supplement charge for a Japanese hotel room regardless.

when it comes to things like organized tours and cruises, this is due to the way hotels operate. they charge one flat fee for a normal double bed room whether there’s one person sleeping in it or two. so tour companies will put two people in each room to keep costs down. you cost the tour company more if you have a room to yourself hence single supplements. essentially hotel rooms/cruise rooms cater for two people, that’s how they’re built. so you’ll pay more as a single to be in them.

Try to book via an agency. A few years ago I wanted to book a cruise as a single. The ship company itself asked for the double price (= price for 2 person!). Went to CruiseGuru and I could book as a single and to an ever lower price than the ship company.

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