Silicone Collapsible Containers

I’m wondering if anyone has used these and knows whether KMart ones would be just as good as flat stacks which are quite expensive.


These were the containers I am referring to.


Welcome @KayToo

There are several brands available that I have seen during shopping trips (none stick out in my mind as to names). If they are silicone then I think as long as they look well made they should be reasonably durable. Sometimes they come up for sale in the ALDI specials, sometimes I see similar units at BigW and Woolies and Coles. Worth just browsing to see if you can find some alternatives like your KMart ones.


I fail to see the beauty of these products. Using your first image, remove the lids and nest the containers and lids into the next larger size and don’t you have essentially the same result +/- a few mm?

We have lots of containers, same and different sizes and keep them nested to save space. Depending, the lids fit under a container in the nest or are ‘filed’ on edge along the sides of the storage unit.

While rough and not reflecting real details, consider the 4 nested sans lids on the left, versus the speciality collapsible ones on the right.



We have a Kmart one we have had for about 2-3 years and use it as a lunch box. It is used irregularly, but has performed well to date. The advantages of using one as a lunch box is that they are soft and take knocks well (unlike some other hard plastic type containers).

I possibly wouldn’t use them for everyday use as we have no need to save space in the kitchen…and have plenty of hard ones to use for all and sundry.

We have also had other brand foldable flips which have broken over time. While the Kmart one still works well, I expect that this will be the weak point over time (the plastic hinge)