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Should you buy a multi-cooker or slow cooker?


Multi-cooker vs slow cooker - who will win? Find out below.

Do you have a preference multi-cookers and slow cookers?

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I agree with the review’s pros and cons, but I really like my pressure cooker.

I’ve had a slow cooker for ages, but was also interested in being able to do pressure cooking. I was intrigued by the Thermomix (way more than I could afford) and Instapot (not available in Oz), and the multitudes of positive customer reviews for them.

I ended up buying a Sunbeam Aviva pressure cooker. It’s not half as fancy as the Thermomix, but I don’t mind doing a lot of its extras by hand (weighing, chopping) or with separate appliances if I ever need to (milling!?). I kept an eye out for specials, and got a really good deal on this one.

I’m really pleased with what it can do. I made a couple of things from the included cookbook, and wasn’t as happy with the results as I’d thought. But I adapted recipes from elsewhere, and they’ve invariably given me great meals.

I have to agree that a pressure cooker meal can sometimes need extra flavour, compared with a slow cooker meal. My multi-cooker lets me saute onions and sear meat, which helps a lot with the flavour. Also, I can make really good stock in it, which makes for a flavoursome base.

Being able to sear and saute in the same pot that’s used to slow-cook or pressure-cook is also a bonus for flavour, because all of the fond adds to the flavour.

I suspect the heavy pot that comes with a slow cooker provides more consistent temperature and better results. I still use my slow cooker a lot, for some dishes where it’s fine to just through everything in, but for some recipes I make the most of being able to different types of cooking in the one pot. I don’t use it as a pressure cooker as much, because the dishes can be a bit watery and lacking in richness.