Should Sydney cancel New Year’s Eve Fireworks?

Every State and Territory and the Commonwealth sponsor public events. It’s tax payers money being shared across the community. But is it fair when a public sponsored event is not free for or accessible to all?

This year NSW is setting another ‘gold standard’! To access many of the ‘free’ public spaces with the best views of the NYE fireworks one needs to pay. There is silver class, and even a gold class option.
This year to watch the fireworks from the Royal Botanic Gardens it will cost $43 to be in the cheapest section (known as ‘silver’) but if that area sells out, tickets jump up to $156 to get into the ‘gold’ section.

The ABC has suggested some cheaper options.

Should NSW consumers expect a better deal? If access control is the objective, why not invite public nominations and offer free tickets to all based on a lottery draw. Tickets not transferable. After all, it’s already been paid for. If the state can’t afford it without ticket sales, it might be better to call it off and spend the money on something more socially responsible, like public housing?


Social Responsibility? I laugh.

I would not go to the fireworks in any case, and nor should anyone who cares about their lungs, never mind Covid which will be rampant along with all the smoke. UGH


It was certainly topical pre-Covid heading into one of our worst bush fire seasons. Although the leadership at the time were divided on the benefits along expected lines.

Somethings don’t change.
The economic benefits to NSW of celebration being one. But hopefully this summer no major bush fires? Although there are already ashes and despair to be found from an early burn at the heart of our second largest city. Look to the MCG for the hapless victims. :partying_face:

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Councils will not be charging, only the State Government. The Councils will still be requiring bookings for the free tickets to limit the numbers to COVID acceptable.

Personally, I don’t think that events like this are appropriate given the State’s claimed large deficit due to COVID spending. If they have the money, it shouldn’t be wasted on fireworks, it should be spent on COVID related expenses.