Should I get a bread box?

I have been making my own sourdough for about 6 years and keep it in a supermarket-purchased plastic container like Tupperware which stops the cut end from drying out. The only downside that would be solved by a breadbox is that the wooden lid can double as a slicing board. Right now I keep the plastic container on top of a wooden chopping board which is not terribly aesthetic.


One of the kids bought me one to keep my mixed seed sourdough in. It lasts quite a while regardless and only I eat it. The bonus with the one she bought me is you can store things on top of the breadbox :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw some nice ones like that in my research and now I’m sold

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We make our own bread, in a Panasonic Breadmaker. We use Lauke, German Grain Bread mix. I made a wooden bread box, with a tray for the bread, so that it is easy to remove and clean. It has a door, hinged on the bottom edge. It is all finished with 3 coats of gloss varnish.
This has worked well for us, keeping the bread fresh for several days.
When we bought the bread maker, it was top of the list of the bread maker survey.


Oh nice!

Doesn’t keep bread fresh for longer, but highly recommend getting one. I had a mouse plague, bread box kept them out thankfully


My mother kept the bread in a breadbox in Melbourne in the '60s. It nurtured the most wonderful range of mould, some pink, apricot green jade green and black.How we didn’t succumb to ergot toxin is one of the enduring mysteries of my older age, I wonder if Albert Hofmann, famous cyclist scientist’s mother maintained a bread box too?
My advice is, buy frozen last minute small rolls ( but the food miles!?!) or freeze your sliced bread, breadbox bread was always stale at the very least.