Shonky Granny Flat Builders : A1 Granny Flats

The subject of two reports on A Current Affair ( Granny flat customers at breaking point over building delays | A Current Affair - YouTube and Builder abandons headquarters leaving customers fearing the worst | A Current Affair - YouTube ) , A1 have run away from many customer builds leaving non compliant , partly build homes with numerous defects.
A1 have now run away from their business office and left their customers with no way to get their homes complete.

its shows the poor performance of entities such as MBA , Fair Trading , NCAT that these scams can continue for so long


Welcome to the community @Osiris. The industry has certainly failed evident from many recent examples.

If we were to pause for a moment and ask ourselves who has ultimate responsibility for all of these and more.

As consumers most would be aware of the

  • Robo Debt - $1.8 billion settlement,
  • The increasing costs of aged care services,
  • The escalating costs of health care,
  • The forecast future needs of funding the NDIS,
  • Or the now more than $60 billion the NBN has run up in costs.

It seems like small change when the annual $360 billion Building and Construction Industry is the focus of attention. It employs a work force of approx 1.2 million and delivering 9% of national GDP.

Consequently should consumers expect it to be one of the best managed and regulated sectors of our economy and focus of all consumer needs?

One can offer any number of excuses as to why it is not so. If there is any political will across all of our levels of government, it’s a short debate as to who it serves best.