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Shipping Container Firms

Has any of the community had any dealings with Shipping Container Firms to transport furniture and goods Interstate

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When we moved from Cairns to Mudgee in 2014 and back to Cairns a few months later, we used a Cairns based removals business, MEM Removals & Storage, who packed everything in a shipping container and sent it by rail to NSW.

Service was very good and the price was reasonable.

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Cheers Fred123. We bought a container from a Brisbane based outfit and arranged for them to pickup from Melbourne and deliver to WA on the 18th December to our horror it was still sitting at their Melbourne base on the 10th January. No one from the Company advised us of any delays. On board are vital equipment to operate work commitments remotely. our car left a week later and arrived a week ago.


Many of the large removalist firms employ shipping containers to relocate clients. So I am assuming that is what you used too.

After interviewing a short list of more than half a dozen firms to select a removalist, we moved house interstate to Queensland using a container (and a bit), as storage pending finding a new residence. The container (and a bit) was moved to the firms storage facility in Brisbane promptly until we knew where in Queensland we were going to reside. Our goods were delivered promptly and punctually when requested. Overall, we were very happy with the cost and service we received.

In my experience, removalists have to be carefully researched before selecting because of the huge disparity in the quality of what they do vs what they say they will do. Also, in addition to the standard contract you have to have include all the conditiions you require, and of course pricing to include those conditions. For example, we negotiated a reduced longer term storage rate pending the delivery. In your case, delivery time should have been a stipulation.

COVID may be argued to have had an effect on deliveries, but only so far as staffing is concerned. Goods deliveries between Brisbane and WA were largely unhindered by border closures. It is possible they may have just overlooked your container.


Your enquiry is not about a removal service, but one of these? Effectively a pack yourself into a container which they supply, pick up and trans-ship to your destination. Or supply your own, although it may need to be in survey?

Experience only with the majors, EG Toll Logistics.
Melbourne to WA may go by sea or rail or even road.
14 days would be reasonable door to door. Was the container supplied in survey? If not it may only be accepted to go by road.

Not an excuse for failure to deliver. Sharing more about the business moving the container and what the T&C were might be useful. Is this a B2B contract?