Shinehub - Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

I would like to hear/comments from you about the new Shinehub - Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and their business model.
Is it worth to buy Solar Products from them or join them?

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Solar Quotes has a comparison of VPP alternatives.

It’s useful for anyone looking at the option of a VPP and solar. They do look at the alternatives, as an independent and knowledgeable resource.


Solarquotes has an article on Shinehub’ VPPs (not that Shinehub is specifically mentioned in the reply to the question asked in the site) that is probably worth reading:

I couldn’t find many reviews outside of the ones on Shinehub’s site but I may have missed them due to my search queries.

Solarquotes user reviews on Installers on their site gives them 3.6 out of 5 With some quite low ratings that push the level down:


It is interesting of the only 5 reviews there, all were good to Nov 2019 but then not good in [Mar-Apr] 2020. 5 may not be indicative of much, but the recent cluster of bad reviews would give me serious concern to look elsewhere.


Finn is pretty clear that it isn’t a good deal, but not sure if this is the same deal the OP is thinking of.

Buying a good quality PV system upfront is a better idea, and you will be better off long term. Perhaps add a battery later, but for areas with a reliable grid, unlikely to be economical at the moment, as commercial batteries are still too expensive.