Shepparton's Museum of Vehicle Evolution

An interesting article regarding Shepparton’s Museum of Vehicle Evolution.

Sounds like it would be well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, back in Qld, TMR Qld has finally been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 20th Century after stone walling modified vehicles such as hot rods.

The first time we went to Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state by both size and population, in 1993, we saw hot rods out for a weekend run on the Midland Highway.

It was many years later that I ever saw any Qld registered hot rods in Qld.

Around 50 years ago, a leading local motoring enthusiast was said to have installed a small block Ford V8 engine in a Ford V6 Capri, and when he tried to register it, it was refused.

It was said that he stated that the same vehicle was sold in South Africa with the same V8 engine and the response was “This in not South Africa, this vehicle was not built in South Africa, and this vehicle is not getting registered here.”

When we went to look at a garden centre on the Northern side of Cairns on Saturday, we were absolutely delighted to see this fabulous hot rod.

A Qld registered Ford 1940 Tudor “Street Rod” according to Rego Check Qld.

It is LHD so presumably rodded in the US and it obviously has a big block V8 underneath the bug catcher and twin 4 barrel carbs which may have a blower under them.

The driver was obviously just out cruising and was the happiest camper we have seen lately.

Meanwhile, back at TMR Qld, I suspect that they are busy planning for the 21st Century.

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He could have got the same look with a lot less effort by sticking an old VW chassis complete with flat 4 bug motor at rear under the same body. Bonus RHD option.

Neither approach preserves the original, but living with a 100% original is likely the least practical option.

An interesting option if we are ever permitted international travel again. :joy:

For a great day out closer to home,

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