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Sharp microwaves - how the mighty have fallen. A system-wide problem?

We’re on what seems to be our 4th Sharp microwave. The first lasted 10 years; this one has fallen over big-time in two years and 10 months.

It’s a convection model and cost nearly a grand. The features strangely enough were not as good as previous models - for example it does not have a “roast beef” setting. But anyway…

The other day it stopped rotating, and the microwave section stopped completely. Convection still works. Contacted Sharp who deflected it to their “Tempo” warranty people. Pointed out what Choice says - a warranty should reflect price. They agreed and said it would be repaired. That was 10 days ago and we haven’t even got to the shop yet.

Tempo said we would be contacted with the name of the authorised repairer in “1-2 business days”. That hasn’t happened. We phoned up a few times to be met with confusion and a story that “the repairer’s case number has been lost”, and our case has been “escalated”. This morning’s bloke in the Philippines was a bit clearer. It seems their system has dumped all repairers and no-one knows what to do.

We contacted the Canberra repairer on their webpage and they confirmed they don’t do Sharp’s repairs any more, and don’t know who does.

if Sharp can’t fix the item - and they said they would - then they should replace it. But at this rate who’d want to buy one?


Hi @CynicalAussie, welcome to the community.

It may be worth approaching the retailer you bought the microwave from. Under the ACL, the consumer can chose who they approach to ensure that the consumer guarantees are upheld.

When you approach the retailer, they may try and say that the microwave is out of warranty. Say that you have spoken to Sharp and they agree that the microwave is defective and needs a repair (under the ACL Australian Consumer Guarantee).

If the microwave can’t be repaired, it would then be considered a major defect and you have grounds to ask for a full refund. More information on your rights can be found here:

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Thanks - will try. We have just moved from one end of Oz to the other so might be difficult.

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If it is a major retailer, the local store should be able to assist as long as you have your proof of purchase.

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Harvey Norman. I will try the Darwin store where we bought it and see what they say. We have bought $1000s there over the years so here’s hoping.

Sharp microwaves seem to have dropped their Quality Control. The first lasted for 10 years but now lucky to get four out of them.


Each HN store is an independent franchise as is the HN online store. They ‘sell’ a similar look and feel but operate as independent businesses.

I look forward to hearing how they respond to your problem.

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Interesting…Harvey Norman in Darwin were most co-operative; then when I said we were now in Canberra said call them. Called and HN there were the same - bring it in.


Well, having loaded the microwave in the car for repair by Harvey Normal, received a call from Melbourne from a company who seem to have taken over sorting out the Sharp warranty collapse mess. They’re doing them all with pen and paper seeing as the computer system has crashed.

They reckon a tech will receive the parts despatched by Sharp and come around and fix the microwave at our place. Hopefully next week they say.



Some two or three years ago my 2 and a half year sharp mid size microwave stopped working.
Sharp indicated that it is now 6 mths and its service staff at Tempo ( I think) said 1 yr 6 mths after the warranty ended and neither will help me.
I did not return to the retailer. Reading PhilT, I should have.

Looking at replacements, I was unhappy with what I saw was sharp’s lower quality products.
I strongly considered Panasonic, which I had in the past, but given the high price at the time, wanted to check other brands first.
Two Kmart microwaves I found were duds. I bought them and returned them when one stopped working and it’s replacement made a huge noise.

I was getting quite fed up unable to find a decent sized appliance at a decent price.

I decided to buy the small $48 20litre Kmart microwave and use that until I find a mid size appliance which I like.

Many months have passed and while my new oven takes time to heat, it is 700W when most are 1,000W hence the cooking and reheating time is approx 50% longer, the appliance works like a charm, is easy it clean and relatively quiet. I have stopped looking for a mid size branded microwave.

Similar sized unbranded microwaves like my Kmart beauty sell at other retailers for close to $200 eg Good Guys.

In terms of value and solving my immediate problem or replacement asap, it’s a 10/10.
Given the chronic stock shortages everywhere, I suggest buying such an alliance so you have something, not ideal perhaps, but serviceable.
You don’t want to end up staring at empty shelves in white goods stores, do you?


Update on Sharp microwaves and their repair situation.

Looks like there are few parts in Australia. Marks Electronics in Melbourne can’t supply the magnatron and turntable motor for our convection $950 model, and can’t say when the shipping of them will arrive, but “soon”. Then they have to send the parts to a Canberra shop who will call and fix it at our place.

Called Harvey Norman and said most unhappy and they said bring it in. But they are in the same waiting for parts situation!


Just a quick note to say Harvey Norman have been impressive with a warranty claim, even if Sharp convection microwave ovens no longer are.

The first one lasted over 10 years; the second around six, and the third two years and 10 months. It was well out of the one year warranty, but we advanced the argument that a warranty should match the $950 price – and Harvey agreed to fix it. Even though we’d moved interstate.

Unfortunately the process then stopped due to lack of parts. For some six weeks this was the state of play, and then when Sharp finally supplied the parts, the appliance couldn’t be repaired. So we were offered a new convection microwave of our choice. When my wife pointed out the one she selected was a lot cheaper than what she paid, she was given a $150 gift card!

A sterling performance which brought a very frustrating experience to a happy conclusion. Well done!