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Share your air fryer tips and tricks

Do you have any tips, tricks or hacks for getting the most out of your air fryer?

Could refer to:

  • Cooking tips
  • Appliance usage tips
  • Cleaning tips
  • Suggestions as to what you can cook in your air fryer

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


We have an “el cheapo” air fryer which I bought online for around $100 a few years ago and it has been fantastic.

My wife uses it to cook our McCains Shoestring Fries which are ready in no time.

We use it to cook frozen pies and Ingham’s Buffalo Wings after preheating them in the microwave for a few minutes followed by around 7-10 minutes in the air fryer.

When we cook a roast dinner, we always have plenty of meat and roast veggies for the next few nights, and my wife reheats the roast veggies in the air fryer.

It draws around the same amount of electricity as our wall oven but it has finished cooking before the oven has even reached the temperature setting of 180 to 200 degrees, thus using considerably less power as well as being much faster.

Great invention.


My reply is that we already have so much cooking stuff/appliances that to further entertain another cooking product would be the straw that broke many camels backs and may result in a toss out fest in our household. If you have the room I am sure it is a very useful piece of equipment. So my usage hint is that if you don’t have room carefully consider the purchase before it gets home.


I cook (often home grown) potato and pumpkin chips/wedges etc in ours (bought with FF points) and also use it for heating up nuts-cashews, peanuts, almonds etc, eating them warm improves the flavour, and can freshen up if they are a bit past their best. I add a little olive oil, and salt and or herbs if they are unsalted.
With spuds and pumpkin I often throw in a clove or 2 of garlic too, we have stacks of it as it grows well in the aquaponics system.


I never thought of toasting nuts in ours.

I have always toasted them in the wall oven and it takes quite some time between pre-heating and actually toasting them.

I will try our air fryer next time I do some macadamias.


Try adding a little soy sauce to them. I have pan fried nuts in soy sauce and it is delish!