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Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Care


It’s been a while since Choice did a review of hair care.

Around Christmas last year I tried Olive Oil Bar Soap/ Shampoo for hair… Now 2 months in and I’ve used half a bar… (i’m the only one who is using it)

I find my hair is stronger, doesn’t get oily and the only minor complaint is that it gets a bit tangly after I wash it.

In general it feels healthier and stronger.

Has anyone had any experience with soap shampoo?


I bought a seaweed bar shampoo in Wales last year and have been using it and find my hair feels cleaner. I don’t use a conditioner with it and agree about the tangles but use a wide toothed comb which helps. My son and daughter in law visited from the UK over Christmas and brought me another 2 bars which will probably last about a year.

I was washing my hair every couple of days, now it can last an extra day. I haven’t tried any of the bar shampoos that are on sale in Australia. The brand I use is only available by mail order in the UK.


I use ‘Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo Bar’ surprised that shampoo soap is not big here… Have been using it for 2 months now and will use it for another 2.

I find that hair stays clean upto 5 days when I don’t go anywhere, and if I work then every 4 days… Before I washed it every 2 days.

Have to keep it away from steam as it contains Olive Oil.

I’m a convert. I thought that the bar will last a month or 2 at most and figured that it will be expensive… glad to see that I was wrong.