Senior fraud and expolitation by businesses in the provision of products and services

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Welcome to the community. Thanks for your concern.

Unfortunately, there are always unscrupulous villains who are willing to rip people off.

It is not just them. The villainous sorts will rip anyone who they can off. This can be for doing a bit of concreting, asphalting, roof and gutter maintenance/painting/repair, plumbing, painting, gardening, etc. How many dodgy builders have you seen talked about on TV who have ripped customers off? Have you heard of cheap goods being sold out of the back of a van, or in a pub, or on the street?

It seems to be a widespread problem that authorities can’t seem to manage. All we can do is to encourage people to get informed BEFORE entering into dodgy deals. If the ‘senior’ had gotten other quotes, they may have realised that they could get the job done for a reasonable amount. It may even be possible to get a quality job done cheaper than the $1,500 one licenced plumber quoted.