Seedlip. Are you fudGINg kidding me? $50 for slightly lemony flavoured water

Us preggos have to miss out on a lot for nine months- think delicious seafood, soft cheese, deli meats, runny eggs- the list is endless, so when a company claims to make a ‘distilled non-alcoholic spirit’ offering ‘the choice of a grown up complex drink’ as a spirit replacement, our vulnerable and deprived ears prick.

This product is a marketing gimmick of the highest order, for the princely sum of $50 per bottle (without the company having to pay the same taxes as the alcohol inclusive varieties). My BS radar should have gone off when the bottle advised not to drink straight. Of course, I had to try it…slightly lemony flavoured water at best (I’m being generous). And when mixed? Nada.

One way ticket to Shonksville.


Hi @AlixW, welcome to the community.

Have seem n them on the shelves and first thought is a company trying to cash in on the non-alcoholic market.

They say it is distilled…interesting as distilling is usually to separate water from alcohol. Is their distilling collection of condensed steam. I assume with ingredients like this…

Ingredients: Water, Natural Botanical Distillates and Extracts (15%) , Preservative: Potassium Sorbate , Acid: Citric Acid

it is extraction of volatiles such as oils from plant materials.

With those ingredients, to me it is very expensive clear cordial. Would be cheaper to add a slice of this or squeeze of that in water.


An acquaintance had a bottle leftover from dry July and gave me some to try.
I got “clovey” rather than “lemony”. I’d be interested to try it in recipes to see if it improved.
I feel like the “distilling” would be the process to distil essential oils and flower waters (which is kind of cool - you can set up a home rose or lavender still with an old skool kettle, some plastic tube and a bowl of ice)

I’ve been alcohol free for 11 years now, and I don’t really feel a need in my life for fake alcoholic drinks and there is no way in heck i’d pay $50 for a bottle of any kind of drink.


Agreed @phb! Cordial is usually concentrated though- this is premixed very weak cordial. I would definitely prefer tonic with a slice of lemon.


@KAAAAAREN87 there are several varieties, so sounds like you may have tried ‘Spice 94’. I had the ‘Grove 42’ which is supposed to be ‘a zesty & complex, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange and uplifting spice distillates’.