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My wife bought a Ring Spotlight Security camera last week for $329.00.

Got going OK despite a crappy App, but next day it stopped working and I spent over half a day trying to fix it.

Ended up taking it back for a refund.

So yesterday she bought a Uniden App Cam Solo Plus (Generation 2, the Gen 1 is discontinued because of problems) with these key features:

Well the bloody thing is driving me crackers, I have messed around since about 7am and I am going to take it up with Uniden since they have a presence in Australia.

I have prepared a problem sheet which can also be viewed at

• No facility on the App to properly show and record alerts;
• Email does not work;
• The Cloud archive service cannot be activated;
• Doesn’t work all the time, and thus appears unreliable;
• When it is working, masses of useless SMS audio are received, that are not recorded on the phone;
• Non of the above is covered in the manual

On the box its got 24/7 support, I’m about to check it out!!!
(First & subsequent attempts: “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”)

Can anyone recommend a top of the line wireless battery operated device?


Perhaps Swann products might be worth a look?

as examples:

They also sell refurbished product so may get what you need more cheaply than brand new. I have had Swann product before which worked faultlessly but not their camera systems so can’t comment on them. Everyone has differing opinions so find a system that interests you and look for proper and trustworthy reviews and you should find a system that suits even if it isn’t Swann.


Thanks grahroll, i’l check it out.


CHOICE also did a review in July this year that is worth checking out, it is member only content though:

Also a publicly available “What to look for guide” by CHOICE:


After a substantial 3 day effort to try and get this junk to live up to what it is supposed to do, and the fact that Uniden worked on it for most of yesterday and couldn’t fix it, and it seems have given up, the junk is to be returned for a refund. The Product Review is here:


Keep an eye on Wyze.
They are so cheap that I thought - why not, got one just to simply check it out. Cons are they don’t do INTL shipping but still so cheap I got one through a forwarder for about $55 from memory; indoor only but there are forum posts to show how to protect/setup for outdoor &/or they have plans in the works for an outdoor version. My experience with the Camera itself has been great. Tried using it as a baby monitor for awhile but not really what it is designed for so it was a little quirky for that. Overall though I don’t see how you can beat the value, reviews show devices/systems 5+ times the price don’t come close to it.

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Even less expensive, and very commonly available, are unused mobile phones, which can easily be set up to operate as security cameras.
See: Use for old phones