Seagate LaCie rugged drives review

Looking for tough, fast and secure storage? @SteveDuncombe tried out the Seagate Rugged RAID Pro and the Rugged Secure.


If you really want rugged go for a SSD drive. The price for larger sizes is still high but the ability to withstand shock is great. The drop factor on rotational drives is the bug bear of them particularly if dropped or jarred while operational. It would cost for the 2 TB version a bit more than double the price to do it with SSDs but prices continue to tumble and you get almost a lifetime of about 10 years and no knock that will ruin a platter.


We’ve reviewed the Seagate and LaCie 1TB portable SSD drives now too:

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This may be silly question, but I would have thought that SSD deives (the RAM component) would have been quite robust…maybe not the casing but the RAM should be able to withstand bumps, drops and knocks far more so than traditional 3.5 inch drives. Am I wrong and if I am right, would it be cheaper to bubble wrap/cotton wool ones SSD to gain the same benefits?

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Probably no dffterent to ruggedised mobile phones designed to be tradie proof.

Mobile phones have no moving parts either but are often damaged by being dropped, sat on and so forth.


Yes they are robust. Most of the drives inside the cases are just standard SSDs and as such are “robust”. The case adds some extra damage protection from hits and similar and also provides the connectivity adapters. As I noted previously the cost of SSDs continues to fall and to buy an after market case to put them in is fairly cheap. What you buy with a name brand device is the support of the product producer. But to be honest you get very similar support for the parts you buy to create your own external SSD based device. What you can get by buying a name brand device is the chance to pay a cheaper price overall when the device is on sale or the manufacturer uses their purchase power to provide the device to the market at a price not possible to most retail purchasers of the individual parts used to make a complete device.