Scamwatch Announces National Scams Awareness Week 2019. 12-16 August

An advice from Scamwatch regarding 2019 National Scams Awareness week and an invitation to interested parties to be involved.

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SBS Insight also had a show about some Australian’s who were scammed out of their hard earned money and retirement savings by scammers.

While the show is a little upsetting for those who had been scammed (one fellow lost $904K and a reverend lost his investment property and house as an outcome of being scammed).

The show can be watched here:

The scammers ‘win’ with Australian of all ages and backgrounds. There is possibly no common thread. The main reasons for being caught in the trap by a scammer possibly falls in to a number of motives including greed, fear, wanting to help someone out and love.

There are some take home messages from the show and it is worth recommending to those who one thinks may have the potential to succumb to a scammer’s trap (which is potentially everyone, unless one is guarded against such things).