Scamwatch Alert On Amazon Scam

An article warning regarding an Amazon scam.


Yesterday I received a call on my mobile from 03 9128 8722 with a recorded message stating that it was about the payment of some $700 odd dollars I had just paid Amazon for an iPhone 11, and if it was not correct, to press 1, which I did.

An Asian person with very poor English was connected so I made a number of suggestions as to what they could do which I cannot share with you.

They must have understood what I said as they very rudely hung up in my ear.

Some people should not be working in “customer service”.

I tried calling the number today and it states that the number is invalid or incomplete.


An article regarding the scam.

And the warning on Scamwatch.

What? Don’t dial 1 and miss all the fun?

Whilst I was in our local Coles today, my mobile rang with a call from an unknow number, +6455399861.

When I answered it, a recorded message informed me that it was Amazon calling about the new iPhone that I had just ordered, and if this was not correct, to press 1 to speak to an operator.

I thought that some nearby Coles customers might be about to learn some new words as it is hard to re-educate a scammer by whispering into a phone, but when I pressed 1, the call disconnected.

Perhaps my pressing 1 caused their “system” to recognise my number and my previous advice.