Scammers are targeting Indigenous Australians: ACCC

There was an 87% increase in scams targeted at Indigenous Australians in 2016. @TonyIbrahim reports that ‘advance fee fraud scams’ are the most common, where a scammer will claim the victim is entitled to amount in exchange for a fee.


Wonder if it is because many indigenous Australian’s live in more remote areas and don’t have access to information about scammers, like their city cousins do.

Maybe their telephone provider could provide information as part of the next billing cycle (attached to an electronic bill or insert in a paper bill) to warn of types of scams which are prevalent and should not be entertained.


In relation to the Choice article, the year before, there was a 65% increase according to:

From the page below, and referred to in the page above: “The ACCC recognises that social media is being used extensively in remote, rural and regional areas. This new Facebook page will provide timely and relevant consumer information to Indigenous consumers and we encourage anyone with consumer concerns to contact the ACCC,” Mr Farrell said.


ACCC taking action after wholesaler sells over 18,000 pieces of knock-off Indigenous art:


This is a good thing. It’s bad enough for the seemingly legitimate rip-offs that happen in the communities without the even more blatant scammers hitting them even harder …

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