Sausage hunt

have you been buying Heinz baked beans & sausages & noticed how the percentage of sausages is rapidly diminishing?. Soon will be called Baked Beans & Sausage. Would be ok if price was not set at a premium as against plain 'ol beans .


I thought beans were an expensive commodity, and the low grade leftovers used in sausage meat cheap?

Premium, perhaps not!

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I have long thought those things called ‘sausages’ in Heinz beans were offensive. Long since stopped buying them.

Bush’s bean varieties are much better than Heinz or others, if sold in your locale (Woolies has them in mine) and we stock up when on sale since they cost a bit more.

Then over to the butcher or sausage selection to buy some ‘real sausages’ not pretend ‘bland hot dog weiners’. Slice and caramelise or char the sausage and mix in with the beans, sometimes a bit of molasses or brown sugar, and you have a superior rendition of ‘beans and franks’ although not quite as convenient.


I haven’t had one since being a kid, and but the memories still linger and assume that the sausage material hasn’t changed. I wouldn’t call then offensive, maybe highly processed, bland, boring, tasteless and inoffensive to the palette.

(As detailed by @PhilT): Maybe a solution would be to buy a tin of beans and for one to add their own favourite sausage. One then could spice it up a little to one’s own taste.

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Thanks for seconding my motion :wink: