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Samsung Upgrade - what new trickery is this?

I was looking at the Samsung website when something caught my eye - Samsung Upgrade. Samsung Upgrade | Samsung Australia
Upon reading the terms and condtions it looks very much like a bad deal for unsuspecting consumers. It offers a new phone each year (an environmental catastrophe), signs you up to a buy now pay later scheme with hidden $10 monthly “admin costs” payments, and replacement with refurbished phones in their complimentary “Samsung Care” package, for which you will need to pay up to $299 for a replacement phone. Your thoughts?

Yes and no. The T&C’s state…

Approved LatitudePay+ customers who comply with the Upgrade Program eligibility criteria and T&Cs only. Available on select Samsung devices that are eligible for Samsung Upgrade. $10 monthly account keeping fee applies (waived for eligible Samsung Upgrade when that transaction is the only active plan on the LatitudePay+ account). A $10 monthly account keeping fee will apply for other active plans.

Reading the above, if the phone plan is the only one you do with LatitudePay+, the $10 fee is waived. I suspect that when you sign up to the plan, one will receive marketing materials encouraging other products or services to be bought under LatitudePay+.

Is the phone plan attractive, no, one could save the money independent of Samsung/LatitudePay+ and have exactly the same outcome (assuming one qualifies for the $10 waiver). The same outcome being having a new phone after 18 months (rather than 12-15 months on the plan).


Sorry, suffered from the TL:DR there. Thanks for the clarification.