Samsung smart TV problems

I have a Samsung smart TV, model UA40j6200 and overall I am happy with it. The problem is that when viewing Netflix performance degrades to the point of being unusable. The signal comes via NBN fixed wireless and a WiFi router. Neither of these have any problem when Netflix on the TV has the problem. Tests of network speed from the TV, computer or a tablet are all fine. I have sat and watched Netfix on my tablet through the same source right next to the TV when the TV couldn’t get Netflix. The TV has no other issues, it will play other material (such as videos on my computer shared over the WiFi) with no problem. After going for a few days to a week Netflix on the TV will start to slow down, buffer frequently or not show any content at all. It seems clear to me that the issue is with the combination of the TV and Netflix, not with either individually nor the network.

Netflix support says to re-boot the TV by turning off at the mains and back on a few minutes later. This works but only for a while before it has to be repeated. I have looked on the WWW and this seems to be a fairly common problem. Various fixes are suggested (including the one given by Netflix support) but they all seem to involved re-starting or re-loading the app on the Samsung TV that displays Netflix. Some views are that the issue is with the Netflix app on Samsung TVs (which seems a reasonable conclusion to me) and that Samsung know about it but will not or cannot fix it.

Has anybody else had the same problem?

Does anybody know a permanent fix?

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Another possible workaround is to open Netflix through the browser app ie you watch Netflix via the browser. This uses the browser cache rather than the Netflix App cache.


We find that if a streaming service slows down it’s usually the useless modem that Telstra provided to us. Restarting the modem always cures it. We had the same issue with our old Telstra box that Telstra then upgraded for us to the latest model to try and fix the issues. Didn’t help. The new box is just as bad. It also locks out random devices at random intervals if we don’t reset it at least once per day, yet gives everyone else full speed access while locking the one or two devices out that drew the short straw for that time. Changing the modems lease times for connected devices doesn’t make any difference. Can’t replace it because it’s an NBN box and the only way to use the phone is through the Telstra supplied modem. Third party modems can’t get the correct information off the Telstra servers to make their phone ports usable.

Thanks but your information has nothing to do with my problem. I don’t have a Telstra service nor a Telstra modem, I don’t use Telstra. The network connection is just fine for all situations but one. I have no general issues with streaming devices except with the specific combination of Netflix and the Samsung TV. If you have any information about that please say on.

As a fully qualified IT Technician, I do have to ask you though. Have you tried turning your modem off and on again. If it doesn’t make any difference then you can at least eliminate the possibility that it’s being finicky with which devices it doles out your Internet connection to. I gave you the example of how our Telstra supplied modem does this, not to say “you shouldn’t use Telstra” but to say, this could also be a possibility with your own modem regardless of who you get your Internet from. Ours works like a treat, but when it does decide to lock someone out of the Internet loop, or slow down a device, it only does it to that one person or device and continues to work like a treat for everyone and everything else. Sometimes modems just need to be switched off and on again to get their mojo back and start communicating with everyone and everything on equal terms again. I’m not saying this is your issue, but it’s good to be able to eliminate it as an issue if none of this helps.

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Have you tried turning your modem off and on again.

Yes I have tried that, it makes no difference.

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Have you tried using the browser app in the smart tv menu then watching Netflix through that?

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Have you tried using the browser app in the smart tv menu then watching Netflix through that?

Not yet, I am waiting for the regular Netflix to play up to compare.

The problem just happened again.

The browser on the TV did display Netflix at that point, as did my computer, which proves that it is the Netflix app on the Samsung TV that is the source of the error, not Netflix itself or any part of the network. Sadly viewing Netflix on the TV via the supplied Samsung browser is not a long term fix as controlling it without a keyboard or mouse using the TV remote is beyond excruciating.

Returning to the Netflix app and it took a cold boot of the TV to get it going again. I will be taking this up with Samsung. Wish me luck, I think I will be in for a whole lot of obfuscation, time-wasting and denial.

This is why we purchased a cheap netbook computer with a hdmi port in it, so we could plug it into the TV and not have to worry about the poor quality from the TV’s own built in apps. It also means we can adblock a bit too via web browser add-ons. All controlled via a wireless mouse and keyboard.


You are lucky to have a Netflix Ap on your Samsung SMART TV. Samsung suddenly decided that they would no longer support my 4 year old SMART TV so they deinstalled the existing NETFLIX Ap, When I complained they said they could not continue to support these Aps on an “old” TV and I need to buy a new one. The solution is to forget so called SMART TVs and just add a Telstra TV box ($100 or free from Telstra in some cases). All the streaming services now run thru the Telstra add on and it also has a media server to stream via wifi from a laptop.


Sorry but we have three Samsung SMART TVs of varying ages, and Netflix (app) works fine on all of them. I use a wifi signal, though, if that makes a difference.

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Why be sorry? I thought you would be happy.

I am using WiFi but that is not part of the problem at my end as I can view Netflix on a tablet next to the TV using the same WiFi feed from my router when the Netflix app is broken.

It is now over two weeks since I complained to Samsung. After sending them a reminder last week I am yet to get any reply.They promise 24 hr turn around.

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Hi @syncretic,

You might need to escalate things to your state or territory’s fair trading or consumer affairs body if your complaint isn’t addressed. You may be able to seek a remedy under the consumer law since this is advertised as a Smart TV’ and that functionality has now failed.

Good luck with it, and please keep us updated with your progress.


I have a Samsung smart TV, different model and experience the same issue. I also have intermittent problems with Iview not working at all.

I bought a Telstra TV box and that works perfectly. Any streaming device will probably work as well.

This is my second Samsung smart TV and will probably be my last. My brothers’ cheaper LG looks just as good (picture quality wise) and his Netflix works without issue.

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After waiting over two weeks for the 24hr email service I phoned. The lady was very helpful and pretty knowledgeable. We did a speed test - OK of course. She eventually admitted that the Netflix app was likely to be the problem and that it is a known issue. We did a manual update of the TV software as (despite auto-updates being enabled) I didn’t have the latest software. I was advised that if that didn’t work I can do a hub software reset myself, although the function of this step is unclear. If that doesn’t work the last resort is a factory reset which will lose all my settings. So for the moment it is wait-and-see if the issue was addressed in the latest software package. I will report back on results.

One interesting point was who is responsible for the quality and maintenance of the TV software. I said to her that since Samsung supplied a hardware and software package that is called a Smart TV then they are responsible. She wouldn’t accept that nor would she say that Netfix are responsible. She went off on a tangent about how this was a very complex matter that may have various solutions, yada, yada and seemed to think that therefore the issue of corporate responsibility is lost in the nearest black hole and will never been seen again. I will let this nonsense go for now in case the update has actually fixed it and shown Samsung is actually on the case.


Thanks for the update @syncretic, hopefully this resolves the issue.

It has now been about 5 weeks since the update was applied. The result is that I have had to apply the cold boot solution to get Netflix working twice in that time. Previously I would need to do this every week or twice a week.

So it looks like the software update has made an improvement. Is there a second issue or is the fix not 100% effective? I don’t know. The issue is now at a level where it is bearable so I am going to drop it. The chance of getting a complete fix seems slender and I would probably have to spend too much time on it so my judgement is that it isn’t worth the trouble.

In summary, this experience leaves me thinking that as the technology in consumer goods and services gets more sophisticated and interconnected problems will become more common where it is unclear if it is hardware, software or human error (or some combination) that is to blame. Aside from making accurate diagnosis harder this trend will leave the consumer with two big headaches: one will be vendors playing the blame game rather than investing in solutions and the other is households where devices don’t work properly, or at all, because the owners lack the knowledge or tenacity to insist on a cure.

Bill Gates once remarked that he wanted to make computers as easy to use as washing machines. Instead we have made washing machines as complex as computers.


I have a new Samsung TV purchased April this year (2020). My problem is that when watching SBS On Demand (through the app) the show/program runs perfectly but as soon as the ads start I experience major freezes - every 10 secs the ad freezes for about 10 secs so that each ad lasts for twice as long (so ads programmed to last 4 mins last for 8 mins). I have contacted SBS On Demand who first suggested uninstall and reinstall of the app. No change to the problem. Back to SBS…now they appear to be suggesting it is a Samsung problem
“We are working on the Samsung issues as a high priority. Given the current circumstances, which have not only drastically changed our testing environments, but also placed increased pressure on our servers, we can’t at this stage confirm exactly when a complete fix will be issued.”
Is this a cop out? Has anyone else had this problem? Apart from not watching SBS, an option but not entirely satisfactory, what can I do?


Welcome to the community @jst012

Probably not. ‘Smart TVs’ are known to have many bugs in their apps, and some manufacturers are far more attentive than others. Have you tried watching the shows on a PC or tablet through either an app or browser? If not that is step 1 to determine who the problem lies with.

Search the community for ‘samsung smart tv’ and you will find other problems, one being with netflix.

'Smart TV’s become quite ordinary after a few years once the manufacturers stop updating their software and sometimes even before as their apps leave much to be desired regarding reliable operation.

People have given up on their 'smart TV’s and have notebook PCs, phones, or pads attached or cast to their big screens.

Should one have to? No. Do customers have to? Often :frowning: