Samsung QLED TV, Black Cloud Engulfing screen

I have Just had a black cloud engulf my Samsung QLED TV screen, at first i was turning off then back on, but after checking all leads connected to it, it still has the black cloud engulfing the screen, but no longer switches off then on again. So was wondering if anyone else is having or had this same problem? I Have some pics if anyone wants to see them.

Cheers Elissa.

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There are some members who just love to get into researching things.
Pictures would be good if you could do that.

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Hey Elissa
Am having same issue with our Samsung QLED TV purchased October 2021. Turns on & off, but now not turning on at all.
Have had difficult conversation with customer service. Suggested might be a cable fault. Will cost to have a technician check?
Has there been an outcome with your TV?

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Some pictures would still be good.

Which cable???

If the power cable, it may be cheaper to take the cable itself into the store where you bought the TV and verify the cable. (Does it have a power cable that goes direct from the mains to the TV? Or does it use an AC/DC adapter? If so, the adapter too could have failed. So take that too.)


Your TV would be still within the warranty period, so a service call would be no charge surely. Arranged by the retailer you bought it from, or a call to the manufacturers service center.

But to basics, TV will not turn on. Via what method? Remote control from standby, or physical switch on the TV itself? If the former then remote control unit problem. If the latter then possibly a power board failure.

Any talk of a cable (power or other) problem is rubbish. I had this nonsense recently with my TV and that seems to be the go to diagnostic directions one finds in user manuals and online sources.

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