Samsung - poor customer service and "stealing" phones

Samsung took away my phone to repair and are not giving it back. This coupled with threats the warranty was not relevant. It has been months now. Samsung seem like a bully as online other customers are having issues as well.


Have you tried writing to them (not emailing) and threatening legal action? In cold hard unemotional terms, of course. Your State consumer affairs department (or other States’) should be able to advise you of your rights, and perhaps have suggestions on how to word it. I am the family ‘threatening letter writer’ and have had good results.


I am on my 2nd Samsung phone.this one was sent to me in December 2016.overheating. rings a number in your pocket. Touch the app on the screen and something different app appears.Telstra tried to fix the issues but gave up .the phone is a galaxy s5.what phone do purchase?

Hi @Joe1 seems that you may have more information than in the original post.

What type of phone was it…e.g. if it was a galaxy note 7, these have been subject of a recall/return to Samsung?

Why has Samsung held your phone…was damage caused which was not covered b y warranty and there is a dispute over repairs…?

A bit more information would be useful to determine what has happened and what avenues may be available to resolve.

You mean post the letter?

They took it to repair and never got back to me. They are now ignoring me.

Without reference to the unanswered questions @phb posed, if you want to get Samsung engaged find the name of the managing director or similar senior executive and send a tracked real mail letter stating what happened, what you claim Samsung has and has not done and what you want them to do and by when. You can find a template on the ACCC website.

Emails can get lost :smiley: :smiley: but tracked real mail much less so. If they don’t reply within the time you have stated (1-2 weeks is considered reasonable) make a formal complaint.

You will need copious notes and records of all conversations, emails, etc to avoid or minimise game playing.

Good luck,