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Samsung Galaxy - camera module glass cracking

We received the below report via Facebook. Has anyone had this experience or heard anything about it?

Wondering if you’ve been contacted by any other Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users who’ve fallen victim to random camera module glass cracking?

Samsung is denying it’s a manufacturing defect but they said that about the exploding Note as well. Lots of users on the internet complaining about hairline cracks and more.

I’ve just sent my phone back to Samsung for it’s second assessment after the first deemed it to be ‘physical damage’. This time I’ve been told to ask for a VOC assessment (Voice of Customer). At the time we first noticed the crack it was just three weeks old and had been in a case since it came out of the box, and had not been dropped.

Samsung (via response to my complaint to the CEO’s office) refused to provide detail of the tests performed on my phone to make the assessment of physical damage.

I won’t be holding my breath for them to come to the party to either repair or replace the phone…


I have done a quick google search. Here are just some of the reports of the same problem the user has.

It seems like is systemic design problem that needs to be reported to the ACCC if Samsung goes into denial.