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Samsung fridge--unrepairable after only 4 years--dreadful (and insane) customer service

Here is my correspondence with Samsung about a fridge we bought from the Good Guys. There were many phone calls with the continuing escalation of our problem ending with a completely crazy solution.

16 Nov 21

Dear Samsung,

Please see my email sent on 11 Nov 2021. We paid, out of our own pocket, for the recommended Samsung technician (Camtec) to look at the fridge. In their report, which was attached to the email, they state that the fridge is unrepairable. I also remark that every Samsung employee that I have had to speak to over the last week or so thinks that it is unreasonable for a fridge to be unrepairable after only a few years of use. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the recordings of our conversations to support this.

I find your recent email below disturbing. The only solution you recommend is to contact Camtec to service the fridge. This is a ludicrous suggestion as they have already stated that the fridge is unrepairable. Can you please replace the product with a similar model or provide us with a refund.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

16 Nov 21

Dear Ben,

Your claim has been received by Samsung’s Voice of Customer team in Head Office.

We have thoroughly reviewed your claim and unfortunately Samsung is not prepared to offer you a free of charge remedy at this time.

We have considered the particular circumstances of your claim including the age of your product , the price you have paid ,your service history and the nature of the fault.

Samsung believes customer satisfaction is extremely important and invites you to contact our authorised repair agent to arrange an repair at a reasonable price should you wish to do so.

We note that your postcode is 5063, therefore we recommend you contact our service center on CAMTEC SA on [08 7099 0122].

Kind Regards,

Soheil | Voice Of Customer (VOC) Case Manager – CE

11 Nov 21

Dear Samsung (and The Good Guys, Marion),

I am writing with regard to a Samsung fridge we purchased through the Australian retailer, The Good Guys, 4/03/2017, (see attached, invoice.jeg). A fault with the fridge was identified within the warranty period and the Samsung recommended servicer/repairer (Camtec) came to our house to assess the problem. Since this time the fault with the fridge has worsened and we asked Samsung if they would be willing to send the technician to our house again to see if they could repair the fridge. Much to our disappointment, Samsung refused to pay for the technician to look at the fridge stating that the product was no longer covered by the warranty.

We decided to pay for the Samsung recommended repairer to look at the fridge again, Nov 2021. The report is attached to this email (INVOICE 2644.pdf). As you will see in his report, the fridge is unrepairable.

As of the date of this email, I have spoken again with Samsung about the problem and was very disappointed to hear that they are still not willing to replace the fridge, or offer a refund. We think this is completely unacceptable as a high-end fridge purchased new from a reputable retailer and manufacturer should still be in good working order.

According to Australian Consumer Law (ACL):

Warranties are separate from your automatic consumer guarantees. The consumer guarantees which apply regardless of any warranties suppliers sell or give to you, apply for a reasonable time depending on the nature of the goods or services. This means consumer guarantees may continue to apply after the time period for the warranty has expired.

In any case, we believe the fault occurred within the warranty period and it was not properly identified when the Samsung recommended technician first looked at the product.

We very much look forward to a positive response to this correspondence and are prepared to exercise our rights under ACL if the outcome is an unsatisfactory one. We also expect to be reimbursed for the cost of the most recent report of the Samsung recommend technician.

Best wishes,



Hi @benjamin , welcome to the community and for your first contribution.

Have you approached the Good Guys? They are responsible under the ACL and also have the following information as a guide they use (see MINIMUM VOLUNTARY WARRANTY POLICY GUIDE):


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your sad tale with Samsung.

I suggest that you have a look at other tales of woe relating to Samsung’s (lack of) customer service:

and there’s more.

If you have a read them you will see what has been recommended for consumers to do.


Thanks, I will contact them


The retailer owns the problem under the ACL so you need to send them a formal letter of complaint. There are formalities to writing one, search the Community for advice and links to Choice advice and the ACCC (legislation).

Anything less is idle chit chat. Let us know if you need further guidance, and how you go.


I’m very disappointed with Samsung’s attitude about their poor quality repair/replacement. I will keep this in mind next time I am shopping.


I’ll second that.


Sorry to hear your experience.
I have also had a similar experience with a Samsung washing machine which failed while under warranty. We followed their warranty process, however Samsung was unable to supply a repair person for at least 6 weeks, my requests to escalate were refused, a letter of complaint was not even acknowledged, and we ended up paying a private repairer ourselves. I vowed never again to purchase any Samsung product and to share my experience as widely as possible. Once bitten, twice shy…
Good luck with your next steps (this wasn’t an option for me since the retailer had closed shop).


Thanks, I have spoken / written to the Good Guys. Haven’t heard anything yet, and will start pestering them next week.


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I won’t be buying anything from Samsung. Maybe add Samsung to the shonky list wouldn’t be bad.

If you wrote a formal letter of complaint it should have included a reasonable date for their response. Calling them is only idle chit chat unless they have agreed to help you.

In that vein I had a retailer step up on the last day specified in my letter of complaint, who assured they would help but needed another few days. I was very happy with the outcome they provided.