Same mistake as Voice Your Choice

There was a problem with Voice Your Choice - the index lines were so short that you couldn’t see what the topic was about. For example, “The wheels fell off my…” Off my what? Bike, car, wheelbarrow? You don’t know until you open the topic and see that it is not something that interests you. Take a gander at the topics list in Choice Community. Currently 12 “Request a Test …” but you have to open each one to see what it is about. Even “Consumer Hel.…” is what? Consumer hell? Consumer help? You don’t know and that was a mistake that was pointed out on Voice Your Choice. So why has an even worse mistake been brought across to Choice Community? The topics list needs far more space (half screen width?) or just have a scrolling list only one topic wide instead of two. It’s pointless having an index if half the entries don’t contain enough information.

I certainly recall that issue from the Voice Your Choice forum!

Here on I actually see the entire title/headline of a discussion - but I am usually looking at it on a big screen. So I just checked my mobile (an old iPhone) and there as well I can see the entire topic.

Can you please let us know what device you use to access the forum that the topics appear truncated?

We’ll then look into it.


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I think we are looking at 2 different things. For some reason I can’t seem to get the screen that you are looking at. What I was referring to was when you go to the 3 icons in the RH top corner. Click on the stack of 3 ‘sheets’ next to the magnifying glass and what you get is a type of index with most of the items truncated

I’m not using a small screen device but a Mac Laptop which usually provides me with a full screen.

Hi @johnkerr,
I see what you mean with the top-right menu truncating, I’ll have a look into that for you (and thanks for highlighting @Christina!). Thanks for the feedback

In the meantime, if you use the ‘Categories page’, the category headings should display in full.


Aha! Thanks for pointing it out @johnkerr and providing a screenshot. I’ve edited the titles so they fit better – take a look now. I’m also looking into how to hide the Request a Test subcategories – they don’t need to be there.

And to get to the screen with the big list of everything, click on the CHOICE Community logo/header at the top of the screen. Then you’ll get all the menus laid out nicely, instead of just the ☰ trigram popout menu.