Salesforce Refund - My Rights?

I purchased a 12 month license to use the CRM product, Salesforce to track my customer interaction and business prospecting. As we were relocating the business at the same time, it took some months before starting to sink my teeth into the product. I’d experienced several technical issues, some that were eventually resolved by Salesforce’s helpdesk. Before I knew it, subscription renewal time had rock around. Although I had ongoing issues with the software, I renewed because I figured that a company of Salesforce’s size and maturity would fix the ongoing issues that included being unable to run activity reports (extremely important), data being corrupted on their side, ruining more than 50% of my business development records and requiring many, many hours of re-keying data.

Finally, after Xmas I decided that I’d had enough and requested a pro-rate refund, so I could move to a product that I’d used previously and also had the bonus of being cheaper. Salesforce basically told me to bugger-off and that there is no possibility of a pro-rata refund. I asked for this to be escalated, as the product is not working as sold nor expected, and there are unresolved technical issues preventing me enjoying the service I have paid for. Told to bugger-off again, as there are no refunds possible.

Perhaps someone here might be kind enough to advise what options I have.


Hi @The_Riddick, businesses have rights as consumers under the Australian Consumer Law:

Perhaps as a first step you could contact Salesforce again and remind them of this.