's really saving?

I have issue with stores who seem to be permanently on sale, particularly with furniture and manchester, eg Adairs, Sheridan and King furniture. With so many 40% off sales, does this mean we are being ripped off any other time? And do people pay full price for anything these days? Are we being tricked to buy, thinking things are on sale?
If they can afford to have all these sales, surely the items are massively overpriced?

Sheridan is, and has been for a while…40% off.

King furniture…another huge one with sales constantly…eg

This armchair retails for $2490…sale price $1490. And this one regularly goes on sale.

And I just checked Adairs…quelle surprise…40% off!


Those of us that watch these ‘sales’ understand the full price is ‘40% off’ as well as off what price not just any old claimed inflated price (note the ACCC does not appear to care about price-jacking as evidenced by their inaction or under staffing as the case may be), ‘We’ do not buy when that ‘extra store profit’ is on because we know the 40% off will return in a week or few… :wink:

Most people need to feel they got a bargain, and the end dates create a sense of urgency of ‘buy now’. It is psychology rather than trickery.


Is the other part of the challenge also knowing when you are comparing comparable items?

Some things eg Brand name bed sheets, fabric and thread count, may be straight forward. Furniture may not be so simple. Fortunately Choice is great for many everyday consumer products. The latest trends in furniture from some unidentifiable factory in Asia might be just be too big an ask?


NEVER buy without asking what the best selling price is, even on sale!

It also helps if you go armed with comparable items and pricing to negotiate with. Shops will often match or better if you can show them what you can get elsewhere.

Haggling is alive an well, even if most Australians are unaware of it.


Bit like Godfreys they always seem to be having a sale on all their stock lol


I have been aware of that for years and purchase accordingly.
Major stores are only NOT on sale for around a month before Mother’s Day, and Christmas, and two weeks before Father’s Day.