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Roller Shutter Warranty

I have purchased many security doors and shutters from a local company over the years. One Roller Shutter now needs repair within the 5 year Warranty Period. After inspection told ‘T clips’ required, but these are only covered for 3 years. As its on the first floor I will have to pay for hire of a scissor lift. Yet Warranty clearly says “5 year Warranty on product quality and consistency”. Seems poor service from a company that has had a lot of business from me.


Who is the company and do you have the documentation associated with the manufacturer/company warranty when you purchased and installed the roller shutter? The company warranty at that time will apply, even if the company has changed the warranty since your purchase 3 years ago.

If you have a copy of the warranty and it doesn’t contain personal information, you are also welcome to take a photograph of it and upload so we can have a look and provide more specific advice.


This is probably the headline. What does the detail say? Often wear and tear parts have a much shorter warranty. As @phb said, without having the specifics it is hard to provide assistance.


This is a link to the website stating the warranty

I cant find a copy of the original warranty or an official receipt.


How did you pay for it, a copy of the transaction such as a Credit Card statement or Bank statement is usually adequate proof of purchase,


The warranty indicates that it is for 5 years without any exclusions…however, this is a general marketing statement and the back of the tax invoice, operating manual or other documentation associated with the roller shutter may have details of the warranty, how to make a claim, that the warranty doesn’t exclude rights under the Australian Consumer Law etc etc.

Do you have any of the documentation associated with the roller shutter?

If you don’t I would be using the exact wording on their website:

ROLLERSHUTTERS come with a 5 year Warranty on electric motor and a 5 year Warranty on product quality and consistency.

to make a claim against the manufacturer’s warranty. I would also be stating that under the Australian Consumer Law, one could reasonably expect that the roller shutter would work fault free, without any parts failing for at least 5 years…possibly more if they make their claims their roller shutters are high quality and they are more expensive than competitors.

The T-clips should also be fit for purpose and last in Australian weather conditions …assuming that the T-clips failed through age and not due to misuse (or damage caused by any user).

Write to them formally using the ACCC template complaint letter tool, and request that they repair the roller shutter under the manufacturer warranty and the Australian Consumer Law.

Also let them know that Choice Community (part of the Australian Consumer Association) is also interested in your experience and wishes to be advised of their response when it is received.

Let us know how you get on.