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Roller Door Issues


I previously emailed choice help and they put me onto Office of Fair Trading in Qld.



and it appears the company has played that hand. I suspect your only recourse is QCAT or a civil law suit :frowning:


It may be worth recontacting them with the above to see if they are now interested in helping you out.

Unfortunately you have struck one of the main limitations of consumer laws in Australia, that being that the agencies responsible for their administration have little power to enforce individual consumer rights. These agencies, such as the ACCC, are set up to tackle business or industry wide misconduct, rather than individuals with a one off problem.

Individual consumers are still very much on their own and have limited avenues to obtain a reasonable resolution when a product or servicd does notmeet the standard which would be acceptable to a reasonable person.


@Joanne17, we’d welcome you to contact CHOICE Help again now that the Fair Trading avenue has failed, I’ll reach out to my colleagues and let them know. There is an escalation pathway to resolving disputes, and while this avenue has failed, you may still have other options should you wish to pursue them.


can I please have the email address for Choice help again? many thanks



Bit of an update on my issue. I sent an email of complaint to head office. A gentleman from Townsville rang me regarding my issue and said someone would be going to do an independent inspection of my door and I would be advised accordingly. That was 1st Feb. I realise Townsville has been ravaged by floods, which is absolutely heart breaking. The report on my door was being prepared by someone in Brisbane, to date I haven’t received this report. I emailed B & D yesterday requesting a response by COB today. It’s now over 3 months since this happened.


at least something is happening that may help : )

Fingers crossed for you.


Well, I am pleased to advise. I think I have had a win. I received an email from the State Manager taking up my original offer of me paying for the new motor and B&D supplying and fitting the new panel at their cost. They have fought me over this for over 3 months and I think I’ve won…


Wow, big news @Joanne17. Fingers crossed for you, please keep us updated :+1:


well I can finally report I have won my case against this supplier. As of today, I have had a new roller door panel installed at no cost and a new motor which i have agreed to pay for. This was my original offer to this supplier and they fought be to the bitter end until I got the National Dealer involved and threatened action through consumer affairs. A lot of angst on my behalf, but I stood my ground with the support and advice from the Choice staff. Thank you all for your help. Have a great weekend everyone


Yay! :partying_face: A win for the consumer and common sense.

Well done for sticking with it over the last four months.


Well done to all involved.


Great stuff @Joanne17 :slight_smile: